• How to delete history in Opera?

    October 4, 2012
    How to delete history in Opera?

    Like other browsers, Opera (Opera) stores information about all Internet pages visited by you (and not you, but behind your computer), even visiting times, remembers all downloaded files, etc. It happens that this list needs to be deleted or cleaned up, everyone has their own motives. Let's talk how to delete history in the opera.

    Opera: Ways to Delete History

    Method 1

    In the main menu, find the tab "Tools" and in the drop-down menu, select "General Settings". However, you can just press Ctrl and F12 at the same time. The result is one - we have a window in front of us under the name "Settings".

    At the top of the Settings window, we see tabs (arranged in a line), on the left - sections. We are interested in the "History" section, the "Advanced" tab. We see the line - "memorize visited addresses for history and autocomplete." Opposite it there is a button "Clear". Her and click.

    Confirm by clicking "OK".

    In some new versions of the opera main menu is not displayed. It is easy to fix.Click on the red button in the upper left corner (opera icon) and select the line "Show menu".

    Method 2

    Delete the history in the opera in more detail. To do this, go to the menu in the Settings section. There we find the "deletion of personal data."

    Before you will be a window in which you have to click the arrow near the inscription "Detailed setting". Next, a menu opens where you can already make fine detailed history settings.

    In front of you there will be a tab with daddies containing all Internet resources visited for a given period ("today", "yesterday", "this week", "this month" and so on). By clicking these folders, you can view a complete list of visited Internet sites, as well as other information (time).

    To do this, remove and install check marks where necessary.

    This method is good because you can select only some of the unnecessary (and leave the necessary) elements of the story, since the opera does not give you the opportunity to look at the remote history.

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