• How to delete the created group?

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    How to delete the created group?

    Today it is difficult to find a person who is not registered in any social network. The most popular social network is VKontakte. Russian-speaking users actively create their pages, are grouped into communities by interests in order to keep abreast of events, share information, promote themselves or their business. You can learn how to create your own group in the article What group to create Vkontakte.

    If group membership is disappointing, you can easily retire from it. How to do this is step by step described in the article How to delete a group in a contact. Delete all the groups in which you are a member, one click will not work. This will have to go out of each group in turn. Read more about this in the article How to delete all Vkontakte groups

    What to do if you need to delete your own group? There is no special button for this in the VK social network. However, this does not mean that the question of how to delete the created group will remain unanswered.

    Before you delete the created group, you have to tinker a bit. Moreover, the larger the group, the longer the process will take. First you need to go to the community that you will delete, and enter the "Community Management" tab.

    Information tab

    Clicking on the "Community Management" button, you will be taken to the "Information" tab. Here you have to change the name of the group to any other, the more absurd the better. You can write "Please delete the group." Administrators will sooner or later pay attention to this name and remove the public. Next, you should delete the group description, subject, link to the site and disable all options that can be disabled - wall, video recordings, audio recordings, documents, etc. The group type should be defined as closed. Thus, you will reduce the possibility of penetration into the group of new members to zero. New settings should be saved.

    Participants tab

    In this tab, you need to remove all the participants one by one by clicking on the �Remove from community� button opposite each of them. The result should be a group in which only you as an administrator are members.

    Tab "Black List" and "Links"

    For order information from the tabs "Black List" and "Links" is also better to delete.

    The final stage

    Return to the empty group and leave it.

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