• How to disable disk check?

    To avoid braking the operating system of your computer when scanning disks for problems, you should disable the disk check at startup. Moreover, this problem can be solved in a fairly simple way. You should not be afraid that such actions will entail any problems in the operation of the hard disk, since such testing can be done manually. The optimal period is once a month; of course, it can be carried out more often if there is such a need.

    Disable disk check command line

    Before you disable the disk check, go to the "Start" button, click on the "All Programs" category, where in the list of programs you need to select the "Standard" option. In the list of standard programs, find the command line and run it.

    Next, in the command line you need to enter Chkntfs С: / x, where the letter С will be the letter of the hard disk partition. Therefore, if you need to check any other disk, then instead of it you should enter another letter that corresponds to the name of your hard drive area.After the necessary command is entered, press Enter. Thus, the automatic check will be disabled for the section you specified. Following this instruction, you can disable the scan of all partitions of the hard drive.

    Turn off disk check using the registry

    If the first method causes you to mistrust, and you do not know how to disable hard disk check, then this problem is solved by contacting the registry editor. It should be remembered that editing the registry is not very safe, so you must first make backup copies of the registry files. After that, you need to go to the “Start” menu - select the “Run” command, enter Regedit and click “OK”.

    In the editor window that opens, you need to find the [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / System / CurrentControlSet / ControlSession / Manager] folder, which contains the BootExecute parameter. By default, its value is only one kind - autocheck autochk *. If this parameter has a different value, then it should be replaced with the default value. After that, you need to click the "OK" button, close the registry editor and restart the operating system.

    If editing the registry values ​​did not help, then the reason is most likely to be in the disk, which is indicated by the “dirty” bit, because after checking it is not deleted.But you should not despair, as you can check the status of the "dirty" bit with the Fsutil command. To do this, you need to launch the command execution window, according to the described instructions, and then enter the command Fsutil dirty query Y, where Y is the letter of the hard disk. After carrying out these actions, you should see a notice about the "pollution" of the disk. Next, close all windows and perform a system reboot. Before the welcome screen appears, the disk checker program will start, which will give you the necessary dirty bits, however, it will no longer cause you concern. Now you know how to disable automatic disk check and can easily avoid system braking.

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