• How to disassemble the Nokia 5530?

    Anna Sivokon
    Anna Sivokon
    February 13, 2013
    How to disassemble the Nokia 5530?

    So, to disassemble the phone nokia 5530 you need the following tools:

    • tweezers;
    • protective film;
    • T4 and T6 screwdrivers.

    Consider the process of removing the panels (front and back) from the phone nokia 5530:

    1. need to remove the back cover;
    2. remove the battery;
    3. you need to stick the film on the camera so that dust does not fall;
    4. remove the edging and brush the phone from dust;
    5. sticking a protective film on the screen. So no dust will fall;
    6. take the needle and gently fold the brackets to remove the touch panel;
    7. Carefully remove the touch panel. It is necessary to be very careful not to damage the train;
    8. on the inside of the screen we glue the protective film;
    9. it is necessary to turn the screen over and use a plastic screwdriver to disconnect the screen cable;
    10. so we disconnect the last cable, which is connected to the touch panel;
    11. using a plastic screwdriver, raise the board;
    12. With the help of the audio plug, you need to push out the audio loop;
    13. remove the DC connector with tweezers;
    14. release the bracket that holds the antenna. To do this, use the sharp end of a plastic screwdriver;
    15. you need to turn the case and disconnect the antenna;
    16. Using a needle, you need to pick up the microphone, and then remove it with tweezers.

    Phone disassembled. Now you know how to disassemble nokia 5530. A good manual for disassembling nokia 5530.

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