• How to dissolve the hair?

    Most girls believe that it is loose hair make them attractive and sexy. However, sometimes they forget that this result is obtained with careful hair care and proper styling. So how beautiful is it to dissolve the hair?

    The main thing is grooming

    Sometimes women do not even suspect that loose hair can irritate men. Especially if they are hung with untidy tows with split tips. But long hair requires increased attention. They need to be cherished and cherished, not sparing the strength and means.

    Fat roots and dry brittle tips become a frequent problem of long hair. You can avoid this by applying dry shampoo for the roots (if you do not have time to wash your hair) and a special tool for split ends. Be sure to use balsams, conditioners.

    Laying: Pros and Cons

    Many owners of long hair believe that styling them to anything, their hair and so beautiful. The natural beauty of hair is, of course, good. And unnatural bouquets filled with liters of varnish can only cause a smile.Some are afraid to spoil the hair grown with hair styling tools, electrical appliances (hair dryers, irons, curling hair).

    But the easy installation has not hurt anyone. Quite the contrary: owners of long hair have an extraordinary scope for creativity and experimentation. Long hair is an opportunity to try on many images.

    In addition, modern styling tools have thermal properties. And styling devices have special hair-sparing coating. You just need to know how to dissolve the hair.

    Sometimes you can allow yourself to relax and go out just with her hair loose. But provided that they are clean, fairly thick and in good condition. However, hairstyles make the image more expressive and complete.

    How to choose a hairstyle

    So, how to choose a hairstyle?

    • The simplest image will require a minimum of time. On damp hair it is enough to apply styling foam, evenly distribute. Then dry the hair with a hair dryer, lifting it from the roots, and twisting the ends with a round brush in or out.
    • The effect of ease can be achieved by using a diffuse nozzle on the hair dryer, lifting the hair at the roots. Combing after that is not worth it, it is better to beat the hair with your fingers and sprinkle with varnish.
    • Lovers of romantic images will certainly be interested in hairstyle with curls. It is done with the help of curlers or tongs. It is interesting to look strands, wound on vertical curlers. Large curls are obtained when using medium-sized velcro curlers. The same velcro, but large, as a rule, as a result do not give curls, but a good volume.
    • Small curls in the style of the 80s of the last century will be a great option for a disco party.
    • How to make hair loose hair to look gorgeous? To do this, fit the soft large waves in the style of "retro". To make them, you need to stab a fringe with several invisible beings, and curl other strands.
    • Smooth styling has been popular for several years in a row, because it always looks stylish. They can be done with an iron and with the help of a regular hair dryer.

    Any of these styling is easy to diversify using different partings and headbands, tiaras, invisible.

    Do not forget that sometimes instead of a question: how to make loose hair? - you need to ask: when should you not do this? Do not dissolve long hair in sports (physical education classes, gym, swimming pool).In some companies with a strict business style do not approve too long hair, not tied up in the tail or bun. And at the household level, many are quite rightly annoyed when in the transport of other people's hair climb into the face.

    So learn to dissolve hair beautifully, to the place and to the time.

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