• How to distinguish a fake watch?

    Waiting for the purchase of quality items of a well-known brand is so exciting that it becomes very annoying when it turns out that you purchased a fake. Especially when you purchased the product at the high price of the original. Consumers of expensive watches also suffer greatly from counterfeit products. In order not to regret, you need to know how to distinguish a fake watch.

    Place of sale

    Conditions and place of sale, in many respects, determine the quality of the proposed chronometer. Truly original watches can be offered to you in a branded store, which has certification from the manufacturer, located in a prestigious place, with a reputation for many years of work. Also, the store must have a specialized service for warranty service hours. The implementation of “expensive” chronometers in crossings, subways, markets, temporary trays, through online stores initially speaks of a fake.

    Chronometer packaging

    Real watches should always be packed with quality. The watch case suggests the presence of moire, morocco, gold stamping.At the bottom of the box are accurate details of the manufacturer. A passport with a unique serial number and a certificate must be available.

    Watch case and mechanism

    The watch case will always hint at how to distinguish a fake Swiss watch. A sure sign of a fake is the absence of a relief emblem or logo on the crown. The watch case of Swiss origin is never erased. Regardless of time and environment.

    Next, you need to look at the movement of the second hand. It should move smoothly and without jumps. A measured and clear rhythm is a sign of good quality mechanics. The marks and divisions of the dial are another important criterion. They may not be significantly offset, the layer of paint is applied unevenly. The form of the hands can tell how to distinguish a fake of a watch, but for this you need to be well aware of what the original looks like.

    But, of course, the most competent definition of authenticity of Swiss quality is a visual inspection of the mechanism. Often, the case and the watch strap are made at a high level, and the mechanism is the easiest and cheapest, the quality of which leaves much to be desired.

    Clock marking

    The stamp “Swiss made” speaks of Swiss quality. It is certainly very easy to fake this inscription, but its subtext is significant. It is this inscription that marks no more than 100 Swiss chronographs. The mechanism of such watches is completely Swiss, the watches are assembled on its territory and the product has passed the final quality check in Switzerland.

    Details of watches are also able to suggest how to distinguish a fake Swiss watches. Switzerland is in awe of the reputation of its products and is ready to answer for the quality of the goods it has produced. Therefore, the specification of marking is also categorical. “Swiss quarz” is placed only on a Swiss watch, but with a quartz movement. If the watch is only a mechanism from Switzerland, and the assembly was held in a different place, then there is an inscription "Swiss movement". "Swiss case" speaks only of a corps from a country of banks. “Swiss wristlet” confirms the elite origin of one bracelet. The same data should be duplicated in the chronometer passport.

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