• How to do tricks?

    Tricks have always been a great way to show dexterity, strength and attract the attention of others. After learning how to do tricks, you can hit your friends with your talents. You can prove yourself in different ways: prepare a few card tricks, learn an interesting exercise on the uneven bars or prepare a small performance on the rollers. If you are good at skating, go here and you will learn how to do interesting tricks.

    Tricks with cards

    The transfer of cards from one hand to another

    1. Fix the deck of cards in one hand, holding it with the ring and middle finger on one side and the thumb with the other.
    2. Bend the cards slightly, bringing your fingers together. Cards begin to jump out of your hand. Try to make them fly evenly. Happened?
    3. Now practice catching cards with your second hand. This is a very entertaining and uncomplicated trick. Friends will definitely ask you to help them quickly learn how to do such tricks.

    Magic on the wire

    1. Ask one of your friends to select a card from the deck and show it to everyone.
    2. Tell him that you can transmit information about his map at a distance. He certainly would not believe. Then ask him to call his friend Andrew and dictate the number. Andrey will easily guess the map and lead everyone into confusion.
    3. And the secret of focus is very simple. You will give each card a male name in advance and persuade a friend to help you. Give him a list of your codes. The caller will almost certainly say hello to him with the phrase “Hello, Andrei.” And your friend, having thought a little for propriety, and actually finding the right name in the codes, will correctly name the card. If the name has not sounded, your “accomplice” can always portray a misunderstanding and ask: “Who do you call?”.

    You absolutely do not need to remember the codes. Referring to the fact that you need to remember the phone number, you can safely open the "phone book" and determine the desired name.

    "Exit Prince" on the bar

    Do you play sports? Then learn the Exit Prince. Quite a simple, but effective trick will cause the respect of guys and the admiration of girls.

    1. For this you need to hang on two hands.
    2. Then rotate 3600by missing your legs between your hands.
    3. Transfer your body weight to your right hand, and squeeze your left to the right angle position. Make a right jerk, while helping yourself with the left, and step out into straight arms. If you are left-handed, first squeeze out on your right hand, and then on your left.
    4. The explanation for this is very simple. Your “working” hand is more powerful, and the other is flexible. For the first movement, we just need flexibility, and for the second - strength.

    Roller Skate Tricks

    Anyone who loves roller skating will love the idea of ​​learning a few simple tricks. Start moving towards the target with moving your back forward or on one leg, you can also learn a few interesting turns.


    1. It is easier to learn to turn from moving forward.
    2. Transfer the weight of the body onto one leg, lift the other slightly and unfold the body until you can put your foot in the line of your heel.
    3. We put the leg on the asphalt in this position and shift the body weight onto it.
    4. Lift the second leg, turn to the back to the front position and stick the leg.

    Riding back

    1. Try to ride with your back so that the toes of the skates converge first and then diverge.
    2. If you need to brake sharply - turn 1800.

    One leg

    It is time to learn how to make elements on one foot. The simplest of them is the spiral.

    1. Slowly move forward.
    2. Now lift one leg and try to keep your balance.
    3. With a toe of the supporting leg, make turns to the right and left. Practice, it’s not as hard as it seems.


    Do not forget about jumping.

    1. The technique of jumping is very similar to the usual. With one difference, you are pushing the whole foot. First, you should work out all the jumps without skates. Do not forget to bend your legs when landing. Wearing rollers, practice jumping on the spot. A wave of hands will help to do this.
    2. Now install the barrier. It should be small and unsteady. For this purpose, you can use 2-3 bags of juice.
    3. Do a little overclocking, put your feet together and push off well.
    4. For a successful jump it is necessary that the legs are parallel to the ground.

    By combining these exercises, you can already organize a small show program.

    If you don’t get any trick, don’t be discouraged, watch the video with examples of how tricks are done.

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