• How to download a book on the phone?

    Evgeny Fogov
    Evgeny Fogov
    April 12, 2013
    How to download a book on the phone?

    If you like to read books, but does not have enough free time for this, then you can read them on your phone. With it, you can read books in any vacant minute. But first you need to teach him to read books.

    How to download a book to your phone

    • You need to find out if your phone supports Java, and which particular version. This information can be found in the passport or in the phone itself. There are very few models that do not support this language. Therefore, feel free to find out the version of Java that your phone supports.
    • Now you need to download a special program for converting texts, you can use TequilaCat_BookReader_v2.2.8. This program does not need to be installed, you can start it using the Shell.exe file.
    • Open the program, in the left corner you need to select your phone model. If it is not in the list, then look for the version of Java language that your phone supports.
    • Now we write the name of the file and the name of the book in the appropriate fields.It does not matter how they will be called, as long as you understand what is there.
    • Now we will add a book that you must first download as well. In order for the program to read different book formats, you need to download and install additional plugins. If you are in a hurry, then you can use the most common text format, it is in him that we will convert the book.
    • When the book is added, you can see it in the list, and by clicking on it, you can see all its text. It is important that the text is displayed correctly. If instead of letters there were incomprehensible characters, then your encodings do not match. For this situation, you need a text editor Notepad ++.
    • Now you need to click on the button that is located in the upper left corner, the Build button, which means Create.
    • With proper creation, we will see the inscription: "The following files were successfully generated: ...". The created files will be in the same folder with the source materials. Sometimes, on phones with small RAM, the program splits the file into several volumes.
    • Now we upload the created files to the phone, they should have jar or jad permission.

    You learned how to install the book on your phone and made sure that there is nothing complicated about it. Moreover, modern phones began to be immediately equipped with e-book reading applications. This makes the question of how to download a book to your phone even easier.

    Download the book is also not difficult, because on the Internet you can find the most diverse literature of all kinds of subjects. Just enter the name of the book in the search box, find a suitable edition and download it. You already know how to download a book on the phone, so now you can enjoy reading anywhere and any time that is convenient for you.

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