• How to draw a chihuahua dog?

    Natalia Gredyushko
    Natalia Gredyushko
    March 20, 2013
    How to draw a chihuahua dog?

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    How to draw a chihuahua dog?

    The little dog Chihuahua is now one of the most popular breeds. This is the perfect option for dog lovers living in the city. In order to consider this pet favorite better, you just need to try to figure out how to draw a Chihuahua dog in stages.

    • Draw start with a schematic notation. To begin, draw a circle of medium size - it will be a head. The peculiarity of this breed is a small muzzle and large, protruding ears. They should be drawn on the head; they resemble elongated triangles in shape.
    • Next, the oval, which is placed just below the head. It should be larger in diameter than the circle - the head. Connect two circles - draw the neck. Also denoted in animal paws.
    • Next, go to the designation of important details. After all, how to draw a Chihuahua dog without marking the eyes, nose, without tracing the shape and structure of the ears. You can begin to draw the form and other small features.
    • Previously it is necessary to capture with a photo or from the original, what form of eyes, what kind of muzzle is typical for this breed of dogs. Try to display it all in your own picture. It is important to note the details, to designate its playful look, shiny eyes. As for the color, this breed of dog may be monochromatic black, brown. Or combined: black with brown or beige with white.

    In any case, to understand how to draw a chihuahua dog, you need to try at least once. If the artist has an interest in the object that he decided to portray, then this is already half the success. After all, then they draw not hands, but imagination. Whatever the animal, you should not be upset, in any case, this is an author's work, which will be interesting for your family and friends to look at. And in any case, you should not stop at what has been accomplished, the more often the pencil will be in the hands, the better the drawings will come out.

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