• How to draw a heart with a pencil?

    Elena Melnichenko
    Elena Melnichenko
    September 27, 2014
    How to draw a heart with a pencil?

    A little romance has never harmed relationships. Even a banal note with tenderness or a small card will be able to please your second half. And to give your sign of attention a special charm, decorate it with a pattern. From our article you will learn how to draw a heart with a pencil.

    Modern and stylish

    We suggest you to get acquainted with a very effective and simple picture.

    1. First of all, draw a heart. It should be rounded. Now extend its left circumference into a pretty curl.
    2. Draw two contours of the heart: one inside and one outsideA heartdrawn figure. By the end of the whorl the lines should close. In the area of ​​the apex, the distance between the lines should be minimal, and in the area of ​​protuberances - the maximum.
    3. Now pierce the heart with two parallel narrow lines. At the upper end of the lines, finish the tip, at the lower end - the plumage. Now you have an arrow piercing your heart.
    4. Next, fill the space inside the heart with an ornament of curlicues. Arrowhead diversify geometric decoration. Add some hearts flying near it. Draw a heart pencil finished.
    5. Now take a red marker, marker or pen and color your heart.

    Romantic and gentle

    Now try to draw a heart with wings. Gradually, this process will look like this:

    1. Draw an oval, one of the poles is a little sharper, and the second is dumber. Divide it in a smooth arc in half. Now draw the contours of the wings on the sides. Distantly, the figure should resemble elk horns.
    2. Focusing on the contours of the oval, draw a heart so that its tipA heartcoincided with the end of the arc. Draw the feathers of the wings. Try not to go beyond the outlined contours.
    3. Add to your heart two elongated ovals, the smaller of which is located in the larger one. Draw to the ring two fluttering ribbons. Decorate the wings with small feathers. They are drawn very simply: as joined by the edges of the semi-oval.
    4. Erase extra lines and color your drawing. We advise you to use two shades for each element.In darker colors paint the lower part of the figure, and lighter - upper. So your drawing will look more advantageous. Do not leave the wings white. It is better to paint them with a soft blue color and a dark pencil to create the illusion of shadows.

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