• How to draw a mustache in Photoshop

    You will need
    • - original image;
    • - Adobe Photoshop.
    Select the "Open ..." item in the File section of the main Adobe Photoshop menu and upload an image to drawmustache. Activate the Ruler tool. Use it to find out the approximate width and height of the area in whichmustache�will be located. By pressing Ctrl + N, create a new document with a transparent background, having dimensions somewhat larger than those previously defined.
    Create a mustache image blank. Activate the quick mask mode by pressing Q. In the menu, select Filter, Render, "Fibers ...". Set the parameters Variance and Strength to 25 and 64, respectively. Click OK. Turn off the quick mask by pressing Q. Set the foreground color to what the mustache should be. Press Shift + F5 or use the "Fill ..." item in the Edit menu. In the Use list of the Fill dialog, select Foreground Color; in the Mode list, select Normal. Set the opacity to 100%. Click OK.
    Transfer the mustache image to the target document. Press the key combination Ctrl + D, Ctrl + A, Ctrl + C. Switch to the window with the desired image. Press Ctrl + V. A new layer will be created.
    Make a mustache the desired shape.In the menu, select Edit, Transform, Warp. In the Warp list in the top panel, make the Custom item current. Move the grid nodes in the image to achieve the desired degree of transformation. Click the Move tool button. Click on the OK button of the dialog that appears. Adjust the position of the mustache image.
    Add a mustache volume by overlaying shadows. In the menu, select Layer, Layer Style, "Bevel and Emboss ...". On the current tab of the dialog that opens, set the values of the options. In the Style list, select Inner Bevel. In the list of Technique - Smooth, in Highlight Mode - Screen, and in Shadow Mode - Multiply. Set the Depth parameter to 1000%. Set the Size and Soften values to 0, and enter 100 in both Opacity fields. Activate the Use Global Light option. Set the Angle parameter to a value approximately equal to the angle of incidence of the shadow on the background image. Click OK.
    Adjust the mustache image to the background. Activate the Eraser tool. In the Mode list of the top panel, make Brush the current item. Set the Opacity to 20-30%. Select the appropriate brush. Wash the edges of the mustache, achieving the desired shape and realism.
    Press Shift + Ctrl + S. Save your working copy in PSD format. If necessary, export the image to another format.

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