• How to draw a ninja turtle?

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    How to draw a ninja turtle?

    There are cartoon characters, to draw which is a pleasure. Just remember the plot of an interesting cartoon and the work is fun, easy and easy. By the same heroes is a ninja turtle. These brave and strong guys captivated the hearts of children and adults, so it’s not surprising if your child asks you to help him draw turtles for a postcard or just for fun.

    To figure out how to draw a ninja turtle, I advise you to find a picture of this hero and carefully consider what's what. For me personally, it is always easier to draw than to invent from my head.

    How to draw ninja turtles, most likely, every boy knows, but if you are faced with such a task for the first time, just use our tips.

    Step-by-step instruction

    Start drawing from the head. I think that the oval of irregular shape is the most suitable figure for this. We mark the nose, eyes and mouth on the oval. Doris neck in the form of a dash.We draw a horizontal line, which later will show us the location of the shoulders. Consider that the hero’s shoulders are broad, so don’t save. The body is drawn in the form of a triangle, and, we note, a large triangle, as our hero is of a sporty build. We finish strong hands and feet. I think you will not confuse the location of these body parts. Here is the image.

    Now proceed to the details. If the task was how to draw a ninja turtle with a pencil, then draw the details with a pencil, if with paints we take a thin brush and draw in details the eyes, mouth, nose. We draw a blindfold. Then we draw fingers and toes and muscles, preferably if you do it with anatomical precision, or at least approximately. From the dash you need to draw a neck. Do not forget about the turtle shell, which looks out from behind.

    Now let's think about the equipment of the hero. For example, in the hands of Raphael, the Japanese weapon is sais. On the chest, draw a typical mark tied with a belt.

    We finish the little things - bandanna and sai.

    Gently use the eraser to wipe out any extra lines.

    Well, they drew Raphael, a strong, hot-tempered and uncontrollable ninja from the turtle quartet.

    You can decorate with pencils or paints in this way - green body, brown shell and protection, steel weapons and branded scarlet headband.

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