• How to draw a wave

    You will need
    • - drawing paper;
    • - pencil;
    • - eraser.
    Select the angle of view from which you watch the wave and draw it. Depending on it, your drawing may have a different look. On a horizontal sheet of paper, draw a horizon line. If you are crouched low, the horizon line will be low and the wave will splash high above it. If you climbed a hill or a staircase leading to the beach, then you will be able to see many waves and none of them will “jump over” the level of the horizon.
    Draw the basic form of the ridge, its bend, and the base line with a simple pencil.the waves. Mark the area of ​​the spray and foam generated by the wave.
    Draw the thickness of the ridge line parallel to the line of its bend. From under this line, pull the other one going in the direction of the curved plane to the base.the waves. Draw a surfacethe wavesbetween the ridge and the sole of similar lines, but keep in mind that the curvature of the curls becomes smaller with distance from the main curl of the ridgethe waves.
    Add sketchy sprays and streams of foam in the place where the wave hits its own base. Draw foam thin and light wavy lines.
    Now go to the hatching pattern. Apply the strokes with neat contour lines, try to draw them in the appropriate planes. Strengthen the pressure on the pencil in those places where it is darkest - in the “tunnel” formed by this wave. To give the picture a greater depth and saturation of the tone, shade the darkest places with intersecting strokes.
    Lightly shade foam and basethe waves. Add a slight hatching a little tone to the sky. Draw light cumulus clouds.
    Draw in a similar way and othersthe wavesaround, as well as the surrounding landscape - the beach, trees, buildings, if from your point of view the coastline is visible. On the waves you can portray surfers who hunt for the biggest waves.
    Drawthe wavesfrom nature - so you can better see their device and features of the movement.

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