• How to draw a wish?

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    How to draw a wish?

    To draw your own desire, you must first decide what it is. The image of desires is practiced to visualize their dreams, that is, for their speedy fulfillment.

    How to draw the desire to make it come true?

    You can draw a desire, like a dream, on a regular sheet of paper with a simple pencil. It all depends on the flight of man's imagination. If there are many dreams, they can be drawn in circles or cells, drawing desires in each of these sections. And it doesn't matter at all what the drawing will turn out to be, beautiful or similar to a child's. The main thing is to understand for yourself what one or another element means.

    Wishes can be, for example, quite feasible - a car, an expensive phone, a pet, a trip to the sea, etc. The picture can be hung in the most visible place (preferably on the refrigerator or above the desktop), then the motivation for the fulfillment of desires will be more.

    We draw heroes from the cartoon “Monster High. 13 desires"

    Heroes from the cartoon "Monster High.13 desires to draw, like any other characters, will not be difficult if you possess the primary skills of drawing and know what these characters look like. In order to learn how to draw beautifully your desires, you can familiarize yourself with our section - Drawing.

    For example, you can draw Claudine from “13 desires” in the eastern dress, if you copy it from the corresponding picture. Gradually, this process looks like this:

    • Make sketches of a girl's figure: she has a thin waist, graceful arms and legs, Claudine’s eyes are large, slanted, her lips are plump, her nose is thin;
    • Mark the hair of the heroine of the cartoon: they are very lush and sheA wishwind up;
    • Special emphasis needs to be made on the character's outfit: she has a short dress, but has a long train, and a wide belt at the waist. Claudine’s shoes on a high platform, her outlines also need to be drawn;
    • After the sketches of the image of the heroine have been made, it is necessary to outline the eyes and lips with clear lines, then draw the multiple strands of the heroine's hair. By the way, Claudine’s head (on the top of the head) has ears like a cat, they also need to be marked;
    • When the face and hair are drawn, you need to go on to give clear contours to the body.On the hands you need to finish long nails;
    • The final stage of drawing Claudine is coloring the image. The skin of the heroine is light brown, like that of a mulatto, the hair is purple-burgundy, the eyes and lips are yellow, the outfit is of a lilac color.

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