• How to draw Dotu?

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    How to draw Dotu?

    For fans of computer games who want to learn, for example, to draw heroes from DotA, like from any other game, it’s best to start practicing with a pencil and eraser. Because many amateurs immediately begin to draw in graphic editors on a computer or on a touch tablet with a stylus and are disappointed in their abilities, as they are not very good at it.

    How to draw DotA in stages

    Real fans of this game can draw both the Doty 2 heroes and the first part, without redrawing the characters, but from memory. But if all the items of clothing, figure or other details of the character are not deposited in the head, then you can start with the usual drawing.

    Step by step from DotA you can draw both Sven (Sven) and any other hero, depending on your own preferences. More information about the methods of drawing characters can also be found in our section - Characters.

    We describe how to draw Sven

    • As in any other drawing technique, you need to start with sketches and sketches.The first thing to do is to light up the figure of the hero with light strokes: it is massive, especially in the torso area;
    • The character’s head is small, the eyes, mouth and nose are missing, but there are “horns” that go to the sides;
    • On the shoulders and around the hips, Sven has armor with distinctive insignia, they can be copied from the game itself;
    • When the sketches are made, you can begin to direct all parts of the body more carefully. The character Sven looks as if his muscles are bare, that's what they need to draw. For this, small muscles of the shoulders, neck, as well as large rectus abdominals (go from the iliac to the inguinal zone), the chest (are divided into two parts, go to the right and left of the sternum) are depicted;Sven
    • In the area of ​​the groin itself it has a rectangular protection with a symbol;
    • In the hands of the hero, you can draw swords;
    • After the image of this character in the DotA game, small waves can be drawn around his arms and arms, which will depict static stress present around him.

    It is easy to draw DotA 2, like the first part of this popular game, if you do it gradually, making sketches, and then remove the extra strokes using an eraser.

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