• How to draw eyes?

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    How to draw eyes?

    To make a full-fledged portrait of a person, it is important to learn how to draw the main elements of his face. Today we will tell how to draw eyes correctly. This part of the face is the most expressive, and can save even unprofessional drawing. First, prepare a sheet of good paper and a couple of simple pencils of different hardness. Take the eraser, it will come in handy without fail.

    • Step 1. Draw a sketch of the eye. Its shape resembles a fish. Now mark the upper eyelid above, and the line should be dashed, do not try to strengthen it too much. Round the eye from the inner edge, where the third, undeveloped eyelid is located. Label it. The opposite end of the "fish" on the contrary, a little sharpen. Here it is important to understand that at this stage you create the shape of the eye. The artist is free to make it almond-shaped, wide open, or make the tip a little lowered.
    • Step 2. Draw the iris. If the eye is looking straight, then in the middle. In its center draw a pupil. Make the pupil black.Shade the iris a little, try to hatch from the center to the edge. Make a little more sharply defined radius stripes on a solid background. Look at your eye, and it will become clear how to mark the iris. If the eye is light - do not get carried away by shading, if dark - make it less transparent.
    • Step 3. With the help of hatching, darken and the white of the eye from the edges Try to do it imperceptibly, shade a little your work. Since drawing eyes properly will not come out quickly, pay special attention to hatching. How it will be done will greatly affect the final image. Make sure that the white of the eye remains the brightest element of the image.
    • Step 4. Mark the flare. You will see how realistic the eye looks when it has a white speck. There is an easy way to do it. To do this, take the eraser and erase part of the iris and pupil. You can even describe its outline a little. Some prefer to immediately make a highlight, even give it the shape of an object that reflects the eye. But this subtle skill comes with experience. Remove from the figure all the extra strips and not very successful strokes. This is important to do before the next stage.
    • Step 5.Now draw the eyelashes. We start from the top. It is important here that they are similar to the real ones. So try not to make them the same length and thickness. Remember: eyelashes grow in groups, do not need them too separated from each other. It is desirable, by drawing an eyelash, at the root to make it thicker, and to the end - thinner. Similarly drawn and eyelashes bottom. Just make them a little less. Show a fold of skin that is almost always under the lower eyelid. Such small and subtle details are extremely important.
    • Step 6. Now you can make an eyebrow. First, draw its shape, because each person has a different one. Now start drawing individual hairs in a limited frame. Let the hairs merge a little. Then blend. Closer to the nose, the eyebrow will be darker and thicker, and closer to the temple - on the contrary, thinner.

    We tried to tell in detail and intelligibly how to draw eyes correctly. The video will help to better see the principle of creating the image of the eyes. The main steps you performed. Draw the second eye in the same way. Try to draw both eyes at the same time, that is, perform each step at once with respect to both objects. So you can avoid inconsistencies and differences.Glare position on both eyes symmetrically, this is a very important point.

    One artist said that his eyes love shading. In his opinion, the more time you spend on painting the eyes, the more vivid and natural the portrait is. Try to draw eyes and, perhaps, you will be able to show the soul in them.

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