• How to draw hair?

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    How to draw hair?

    Beautiful hair can transform any. Their silkiness and smoothness conquers with its beauty and naturalness. But drawing hair is quite difficult, since drawing takes a lot of time. To understand how to draw hair, you need to properly consider them and be patient.


    Before you understand how to draw hair with a pencil, you need to properly consider and study them. Hair is very different from the rest of the human body. Smooth skin is drawn easily and freely, you just highlight the right places for volume with shadows. And hair is a heterogeneous mass. They consist of individual curls, strands and hairs. Many make the mistake of painting their hair at random, which makes them look unrealistic.

    If you are drawing from a photograph - look at it carefully, highlighting every strand of hair, the lightest and darkest parts. To begin with, try to draw even hair - it is much easier than wavy.

    If you draw without a template (photo), then look at your own hair - how they are arranged, how they lie, where and how they stick out.Only after that it is worth starting to take up the pencil.

    Phased drawing of hair

    Remember that quality work does not tolerate haste. Do not drive a pencil back and forth to finish the work faster, in the end you will get a crow's nest! All movements should be smooth and smooth, from top to bottom, just as hair grows. Each line, each stroke will help you create the texture and direction, so do not be lazy and, bringing the hair to the end, go back to the roots.

    1. Draw the contours of the hair, highlighting the most prominent and visible strands. Often translate the view from your drawing to the original, seeking maximum accuracy. If you are lazy and make a mistake at this stage, then it will be very difficult to fix.
    2. Apply the shadows, leaving the whitest the brightest spots so far with white. Remember that you need to work with a pencil from light to dark, so even in the darkest places do not be zealous.
    3. Gradually, line by line, draw each curl, letting the dark place gradually turn into a light one, while preserving its naturalness.
    4. Pay special attention to the roots. Look again in the mirror - the hair at the roots, as a rule, smoothly changes from light to dark, and therefore the growth line of hair on the forehead and temples is not visible with a hard, exact line.

    Having finished the work, you will get natural, beautiful hair, if you have shown enough effort.

    But if you do not want to achieve maximum similarity with reality, for example, your task is to understand how to draw anime hair, you should act a little differently.

    1. Strands. In the anime, individual hairs are rarely drawn, most often, they take whole strands and, adding more and more new ones, model their hairstyle.
    2. Shadows. Then each strand is underlined with a shadow to give it a dynamic.
    3. Bright places, as a rule, remain white, despite hair color.

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