• How to draw a nose?

    Nadezhda Manko
    Nadezhda Manko
    February 18, 2013
    How to draw a nose?

    Beginning artists or just art lovers in drawing a portrait face a problem, not knowing how to draw a nose, so that it looks natural and correct. The main thing in the image of the human nose is the knowledge of the basic principles and parameters for constructing the midpoint of the face.

    We draw a nose in front view

    Let us examine, then, how to draw a nose with a pencil, step by step.

    • The first thing you need to decide is what kind of nose you want to draw. There are many types, sizes, shapes and even designs of the human nose.
    • First try to draw the nose that you are looking at from the front. Draw a two-dimensional triangle or a pyramid-like shape.
    • This sketch shows the third stage. Draw more clearly the lines of the nose, as well as schematically outline the nostrils and the tip of the nose.
    • When the sketch is ready, carefully look at the drawing again. Erase all unnecessary lines, and also determine the size of the nose. Apply the necessary shadows, on the nostrils, eye hollows and a little on the nose. Your nose will look incredible.

    We draw a nose side view

    Now let's try to figure out how to draw the nose of a person, whose side view.

    • In order to draw a nose to the side or if you want to portray a person’s face in motion, you need to start with the following. Draw the shape of a semi diamond, as shown in the figure, and then go to the sixth paragraph.
    • The nose, which we are trying to draw, is straight and rough, more suitable for men or women with large facial features. Place a thicker line over the bridge of the nose, smooth the corners on the tip and draw a nostril.
    • Now directly paint the nostril, select the tip of the nose, and erase additional lines.
    • Look at your drawing, if the nose looks like this, apply shadows on the tip. Fill in the missing parts, and remove the excess.

    Now you have finished drawing a nose sketch. But let me remind you once again that there are many varieties of human noses, just like the technique of drawing them. So there is always something to learn.

    Technique drawing nose

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