• How to dress for a music festival?

    You never know how everything will turn out, and apart from the planned events in the summer there will definitely be spontaneous ones, because when will you decide on the most enticing adventures like in this warm season? It is unlikely that at the height of the school or working day someone would suddenly think of visiting a music festival, but during the holiday period, why not?

    Music festivals were created primarily for lovers of music and fun. It is clear that the main players at this event are musicians, but the atmosphere itself and the people-listeners are no less interesting. Usually there you can find a huge number of outstanding individuals who know how to apply themselves correctly. The event is very non-standard, and, unfortunately, there are no clear rules for the dress code, so you have to think through the image yourself.

    Fortunately, summer festivals in Russia are held from May to August. This is good because the largest music festival in California, Coachella, takes place much earlier, and you can peek at the ready-made celebrity bows, take something for a foundation and shine without putting much effort into it.As it should be, this event always comes fully dressed in trends.

    An analysis of all the fashionable bows allows us to understand that approaching a music festival alongside stands with humor. We choose the most unusual: tiaras, hairstyles resembling anime heroes, aka “horns”. We supplement weird hairstyles with quite earthly trends, such as lingerie-style tops, open shoulders, cropped shorts, torn denim, and simply conquer others.

    Such a bow will not go unnoticed. Those who wish to follow a more non-standard pattern can use lace in the most interesting interpretations, or completely transparent things. Under transparent things, it is better to wear a swimsuit, but today you will not surprise anyone, but the translucent underwear of many moral critics plunges into a state of shock.

    So in any, even the most unprepared wardrobe for sure, there will be something that is perfect for any music festival. The main thing is to look for interesting combinations, and then the outfit will turn out.

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