• How to drink eggs?

    Oksana Logunova
    Oksana Logunova
    April 16, 2013
    How to drink eggs?

    Eggs are among the most valuable products from the entire diet of bodybuilders. Imagine 100 grams of eggs, accounting for 12.6 grams of protein. That is why many athletes use 50 or more egg whites per day. But not everyone knows how to drink raw eggs correctly, because eggs from the store are not as useful as homemade ones, and after drinking them, you can catch infection (bird flu, salmonellosis). One can say otherwise about quail eggs. You can drink them without worrying about your health at all, but all because the eggshells of quail are much fatter and, due to their physiological characteristics, they do not suffer from salmonella. But still, be careful before drinking eggs, make sure they are fresh.

    Eating quail eggs

    The use of quail eggs in food every day, it is recommended for both adults and children. In the morning you need to drink a raw egg on an empty stomach, you can drink it with juice or water, about half an hour before meals.

    Depending on age, you can drink:

    • 1-2 eggs from one to two years
    • 2-3 eggs from three to eight years
    • 3-4 eggs from eight to twelve years
    • 4 eggs from twelve to eighteen years
    • 5-6 eggs from eighteen to fifty years
    • 4-5 eggs from fifty years and older

    The period of receiving quail eggs should be continuous for 3-4 months and systematic. After two weeks, you will feel a positive effect on the body. Think about how to drink quail eggs to improve their immunity. If you do not like to drink eggs, then just mix them raw in food (porridge, soup or mashed potatoes). Remember the main result - a healthy state and excellent immunity.

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