• How to dye your hair red?

    Red hair color has always been considered the most difficult of the entire range of hair shades. It is considered very beautiful, however, it is very difficult to obtain and at the same time much more difficult to maintain. It is known that red color tends to fade and lose saturation faster than another. To dye your hair red, you need to take into account the type of your appearance, your own hairstyle, as well as skin tone.

    How to dye your hair in red: tips

    • If you are not completely sure whether the red color will suit you exactly, we recommend experimenting with a tint balm that can dye your hair red for a while. At the same time within a week and a half of this balsam will not remain a trace. As soon as your hair color gets its old shade, you will be able to dye your hair using more durable paint. If you don’t like the result, just wait until the tonic is completely washed.
    • We advise you to purchase persistent coloures, and when choosing them we recommend you to listen to the advice of a familiar professional.It should be remembered that whatever color you prefer in its intensity, the final result will depend on the shade of your hair. Note that blondes and blond will be much easier to get a rich red, fiery and sunny hue. Do brunettes paint will be leveled in a dark color. It is also possible that it will appear in a more copper or burgundy shade. Based on this, before you dye your dark hair red, you must first lighten it, and dyed brunettes will need a wash procedure.
    • Most often, high-quality painting of curls in red requires a professional hand, so the most appropriate solution would be to contact the salon. The risk of getting an uneven or unexpected result is considered higher when painting at home. Also, you risk getting the wrong shade, which you expected.

    Dye your hair with henna

    At home, we recommend experimenting primarily with natural dyes. For example, after using red or orange henna, you can get a fiery-red or sunny shade.With strict compliance with the instructions on the packaging of natural dye your hair will shine a copper-red shade, however, with the help of this dye is very difficult to get red or burgundy color. The only drawback when staining with henna is its property to fade at 4-6 week after staining. Moreover, if you want to paint with resistant chemical paint, it is likely that it will fall bad. If you decide to achieve fieryness with henna, do not neglect some of the secrets of improving color. For example, to get a fiery red color, we recommend replacing boiling water for henna dilution with heated beetroot juice or chamomile infusion. Also, before dyeing hair with henna in red, you can pour a teaspoon of turmeric and paprika into the paste.

    Note that too aggressive hair shades (red, fiery red, etc.) can add a few years to your age. In very rare cases, they may be suitable for women over 40 years.

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