• How to eat papaya?

    Slender papaya tree reaches 5-10 meters in height. It is also called the melon or bread tree, and this is not accidental. They say that sweet ripe papaya looks like a melon in taste. Breadfruit is called, because papayas are eaten not only raw. Baked on the fire, soft, golden-yellow papaya begins to smell like bread. Now let's talk about how to properly cut and peel papaya.

    Ways to eat papaya

    Now we describe how to eat papaya raw, how it is more convenient to cut it. Everyone can choose the way they like.

    1. Soft fruit cut along in half. Seeds are extracted (just make it with a spoon). Now you can simply eat papaya with a spoon, like eating a watermelon or kiwi. If the fruit is really ripe and soft, it will be convenient to eat with a spoon.
    2. Also cut the papaya along, extract the seeds. And then each half cut lengthwise into 4-5 slices, like a watermelon. So eat. For convenience, you can make cuts to the skin and bite off the pieces.
    3. We do everything the same as in the second method, but with each lobule clean the skin and cut the papaya into slices into a plate.You can eat with your hands, fork or wooden skewers.

    Interesting information about papaya

    • Eating papaya is mostly raw, but you can cook it (a little later about it).
    • Papaya improves digestion, because eating it properly before the main meal, 30 minutes.
    • Papaya seeds do not rush to throw. Drain them and use instead of pepper as a spice, they are much healthier than pepper.
    • Papaya goes well with lemon juice. Cut it into slices (method 3) and sprinkle with fresh lemon juice.
    • Papaya is able to ripen. The ripe fruit is soft, yellow, sometimes with an orange blush, without any dark spots. The smell should not be sharp.
    • A huge amount of useful substances of this fruit come into action only if the fruit is ripe. In addition, the measure is important. Excessive use of papaya can be harmful.

    What to cook from papaya

    Papaya with ham

    It is necessary: papaya (1); lemon juice (1/2); ham (100 g); pepper to taste (can be replaced with dried papaya seeds); hard cheese (amount optional); walnuts (to taste).

    Cooking: clean and slice the papaya into thin slices, sprinkle each with lemon juice and sprinkle with pepper.On top of each slice we place a thin piece of ham. Cheese can be cut very thin and also put on top, can be served separately in the form of chips. Walnuts are also served nearby. In fact, cooking variations can be mass. The main thing here is an exquisite combination of products that perfectly complement each other.

    Papaya Dessert

    It should be: papaya (600 g); cream cheese (like Philadelphia, 3 tbsp); lime (1/2); honey (3 tbsp.).

    Cooking: we clean and cut papaya. Put it in a blender and mash it. Add all the remaining products, carefully beat.

    You can eat like a cream, you can freeze. Put in the freezer for 1 hour. After you take out and beat, clean again. An hour later doing the same thing. It is better to repeat the procedure 3-4 times, it will make the dessert more gentle, uniform in consistency.

    It turns out that this is not such a simple fruit, since papaya can be eaten in any form.

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