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    How to enable photo navigationHow to enable navigation

    GPS navigation is a popular application on various mobile devices that allows you to determine your current location and get directions to any destination. In addition, GPS navigators are on sale - devices that serve directly for navigation and are convenient for use in cars. To enable navigation on any mobile device: phone, navigator or PDA, you need to carry out several preparatory procedures.


    Turn on navigation



    So, if you use a phone with this function, first download the necessary maps for navigation. They are available on official sites of gps systems and directly on resources for a specific phone model. To do this, go to the menu item with navigation, press "Settings" and then "Load maps". The phone itself will redirect you to the desired web service. Choose maps for a specific city or region, depending on where you are.


    Then click "Start Navigation" or "Maps" and wait for the first download to happen.After that, on the mobile phone or PDA screen you will see the downloaded map and the point that the device has identified as your location. After that, you can specify destination points, create routes and calculate distances - navigation is enabled.


    To enable navigation on a GPS device, you must enable the map page. To do this, select the item “Navigation” on the menu page and click “Enter”. After that, select the “Add map node” option and press the “Enter” button again. Immediately after this, on the navigator screen you will see a map page on which your current location will be marked, from where you can start moving. It is also possible to record the current coordinates in memory so that you can return to them later.


    Most of the navigation systems use Google Maps or Yandex Maps, so if you have any problems with the download, please contact directly to these services.

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