• How to register a child in kindergarten?

    Today it is not so easy to get a place in kindergarten for your child. This is due to the fact that the birth rate has increased, and the construction of kindergartens has declined, and the old institutions are not modernized very quickly. In order to get to the pre-school educational institution in time, in some regions it is necessary to enroll the child in kindergarten immediately after birth, that is, to get in line at the kindergarten.

    You can enroll a child in the child's garden through the department of education or through the use of Internet resources. But before you record, you should collect all the necessary documents.

    Documents for registration

    Regardless of the option you choose, you need to prepare a standard package of documents:

    • a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation (or a document replacing it);
    • birth certificate of the child;
    • certificate from the place of registration and residence of the child (for large cities);
    • documents on the provision of benefits (if any);
    • medical certificate for the child (available in the department of education or preschool education).

    Also, you can find useful information in the article Kindergarten: what documents are needed.

    After all the documents are prepared, you can enroll the child in kindergarten.

    Education department

    In each city there is an education department that can put a child on a waiting list with a kindergarten (if the child is very small) or pick up a suitable pre-school if there are free places in it. Before visiting the department of education you need to know the schedule of work of the necessary specialist. Having prepared a package of documents, you can go to him for a consultation.

    Internet resources

    Modern parents are increasingly using Internet registration, which allows you to enroll a child in kindergarten without visiting the education department. It is worth noting that in each region and a large settlement there is an online resource that helps to register children in preschool institutions. For example, if you want to send a child to a preschool educational institution in St. Petersburg, then you need to go to the official portal and select the service "Enroll in kindergarten." And if you need to record a baby in Moscow, in this case, you can use where you need to select the "Kindergartens" tab.Registration of the child occurs in several stages:

    1. Familiarization with the requirements (in some regions they may vary).
    2. Registration on the site and making all the necessary data.
    3. Obtaining a control code by which you can track your turn.
    4. Monitoring the progress of the queue in your account.

    It is worth noting that the process of registering a child in a preschool can take up to 30 days (from entering data on the site to receiving a control code).

    With the help of online resources it is possible to enroll a child in three preschool institutions and it is not necessary to live in this city at the time of registration. But when submitting documents for registration, you must be registered in the appropriate district of the city.

    After the queue for admission approaches, a message with the coordinates of the DOS, in which the child is enrolled, will appear in your account.

    If you are unable to register your child via the Internet, you should contact the education department of your district and submit an application in writing.

    It should be noted that in the absence of any documents from the list in the department of education may refuse to register a child for a queue at a kindergarten. You will be offered to collect the entire package of documents and once again come to the consultation.

    Preferential categories of citizens

    Among the preferential categories of citizens there are:

    • working single parents;
    • student parents;
    • persons with disabilities;
    • large families;
    • custodial parents;
    • judges, prosecutors and investigators;
    • military and police personnel;
    • immigrants, refugees;
    • orphans;
    • twin children;
    • employees of state educational institutions (Moscow Department of Education).

    If there is a certificate of receiving benefits, children are enrolled in kindergartens at the place of registration out of turn.

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