• How to get out of Skype?

    December 6, 2012
    How to get out of Skype?

    Perhaps you are a novice Skype user, and maybe even a computer. You need to decide how to log out of Skype to change your account or simply close access to your account in case someone else is sitting at the computer. In general, no matter why, if you need to know how to get out of Skype, we will tell you.

    Signing out of Skype means that you leave your account, you become inaccessible to friends from your list on Skype just as they are not available to you to communicate. To be online again, you will need to enter your username and password.

    First I want to say a few words for newbies. Do not be afraid of anything if you are new. Yes, it’s easier to find out right away how to get out of Skype than to try to find the “way out” yourself. But often it is through the trial and error of the so-called “spear” method that people find solutions, gaining more experience. After all, mistakes should be considered as a useful experience. Yes, and it is difficult to call mistakes pressing various buttons and keys, because you will find out what they are for along the way.

    Skype exit

    Method 1

    When you are online in Skype, on the taskbar (the bar below where the Start menu is), on the right (in the corner) there is a Skype icon (a check mark on the green background of the icon itself). The icon may be different, depending on your status in Skype, for example, it will be a red Skype icon with a white dash - Do Not Disturb or yellow - Out, etc.

    Click on the icon with the mouse button and select "Exit" in the menu. You can click twice with the left mouse button or once with the right and select the desired action (exit).

    Method 2

    You can also exit Skype through the File menu, where you select “Exit Skype Network”.

    These methods will help to leave the Skype network so that the next time you will need to enter the password and username.

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