• How to find out how many bonuses?

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    How to find out how many bonuses?

    Many mobile operators offer various bonus programs, during which you can easily accumulate points, and then use them to exchange for free for minutes of conversation, SMS, Internet traffic.

    How to find out how many bonuses you have accumulated? Depending on your cellular operator, you can specify the number of bonus points in different ways.

    For example, your operator is Megafon, then you can find out the bonuses as follows:

    • dialing * 115 # and then calling
    • calling toll free 0510
    • use the service guide service (command * 105 # and then call)
    • or send an empty SMS message with the text "0" to number 5010 (free of charge).

    If your operator is MTS, then to clarify the status of your bonuses, you can:

    • dial the command * 111 * 455 * 0 # and you will receive an SMS with your points
    • or send SMS with the word Bonus to the free number 4555
    • Also, this information can be obtained in the "Personal Account" of MTS (including in social networking applications)
    • If you have activated the service within the Bank program on Tele2, you can find out your bonus balance by dialing * 116 * 9 * 0 #.

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