• How to find out if a man is married or not?

    All women dream to meet the prince on a white horse, and this dream is relevant both in 13 years and 55. That is why it is so easy for us to powder our brains. When we are in love, we simply lose our ability to think rationally and rationally. We live in a fairy tale, believe everything that a man talks about, blindly trust and eventually find out the terrible news - he is married and has children.

    How to find out if a man is married or is he a bachelor? How honest is he with you? Should I trust him? We have been looking for answers to all these insanely important questions.

    At the moment when we learn this terrible news, there is a feeling of devastation and an understanding of the fact that it is more unreal to find a person more stupid than you. A prolonged depression is guaranteed for you, especially if you have been deceived for more than a month or a year. To avoid such a state and protect yourself from another disappointment in life, listen to our advice and bring the man to "clean water."

    Signs of married

    • Printing in the passport can not be hidden. So if you are in love with a guy and are planning a serious relationship with him,You should definitely look into his passport! Just do it discreetly, well, for example, after seeing his documents on the table, look at them necessarily!
    • If on weekends and important holidays, it is not always near you - it is a signal that he simply can not leave someone at that time, for example his family.
    • Have you ever been to his house? The guy does not want you to spend the night with him? Believe me, the man for this there are important reasons: he does not want his wife or neighbors caught him on the hot.
    • Meeting in a hotel or a rented apartment is certainly romantic, but only if it does not happen all the time. The explanation that he is just at home repair now, should alert you.


    Judging by the clothes - it's a little wrong, but to determine the marital status of your gentleman - this is an excellent tool. So, what you should pay attention. Any normal wife spouse looks clean, well-groomed and tidy. No wrinkled trousers and a dirty shirt, and even more so torn socks. If there is always a well-dressed guy in front of you, it can speak of the following:

    1. Married, and his lawful spouse takes care of him in every way;
    2. Mom still watching his appearance;
    3. he is so narcissistic that he will not tolerate carelessness in his image.

    Look at his hands, or rather on the finger, which is usually adorned with a wedding ring. If he is married, he is most likely wearing a ring that leaves a traitorously white mark. But, if everything is normal with his finger, still do not lose vigilance. Some men wear a ring in their lives once - at the wedding.


    Being close to a man, do not forget to take off at least briefly, "rose-colored glasses." Do not be afraid to ask him directly about why he suddenly canceled a date yesterday or doesn’t call you to visit. When a guy answers, look at him and watch his behavior. If he does not look into his eyes and in every way evades the answer - this is a sign that he is lying to you!

    To determine whether the guy is married, ask him for his home phone number, under the pretext that you can’t get through to the mobile phone often. If he has nothing to hide, then such a request will not embarrass him.

    If you never go to the cinema, popular cafes and restaurants, clubs and supermarkets with him - this suggests that he does not want anyone to see him with a woman.

    Does he ask you not to call him first? This is not at all a sign that he has a lot of work and you are distracting him. He just does not want his wife to know about you. One call at an inconvenient time and everything - his betrayal is revealed.

    Married guys love to experiment in bed, not with his wife, of course, but with you. If sex is more important to him than communication under the stars, it means that he has to discuss everyday problems with and without you.

    It is easy to find out the truth about a man, for this it is simply necessary to at least briefly “turn on the brains”. If your cavalier has the above symptoms, think about whether you need a relationship with him. After all, the point is not that he has a family, but that he lies to you and does not blush.

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