• How to find out who is listening to you!

    Useful gsm codes.


    1) * # 06 #. Allows you to find out the unique IMEI number of any smartphone, including the iPhone.
    2) * # 21 #. Allows you to get information about the redirection included - calls, messages and other data. Very handy if you want to check if someone is spying on you.
    3) * # 62 #. With this command you can find out which number of incoming calls are redirected to, if the iPhone is turned off or out of network coverage.
    4) ## 002 #. Disables any call forwarding. Thus, only you will accept them.
    5) * # 30 #. Provides information about determining the number of the incoming subscriber
    6) * # 33 #. Shows information about blocking outgoing supported services such as calls, SMS and other data.
    7) * # 43 #. Displays call waiting information.
    8) * 3001 # 12345 # *. The so-called “James Bond” menu: here you can find information about the SIM card, and the signal strength of the cellular network, even there was a place for the reception of the cellular signal. All data, by the way, is updated promptly.

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