• How to find the cube diagonal?

    Galina Uneasy
    Galina Uneasy
    April 4, 2013
    How to find the cube diagonal?

    Bulk geometric shapes surround us in real life. For example, a cube is a box, a room, or even an ice cube. How to find the cube diagonal? To determine the length of the diagonal can be calculated by a very simple way. Measure the length of any side of the cube, because all sides are equal. Multiply the resulting number by 1.7. Get the approximate value of the diagonal of the cube. If the side length is multiplied by 1.73, it will be more accurate.

    In order to determine the cube diagonal in a computational way, the formula will naturally be needed. The length of the diagonal of the cube is equal to the product of the length of the side of the cube and the square root of three.

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    where a is the length of the side, d is the desired diagonal of the cube.

    Sometimes they confuse the diagonal of a cube (figure) and the diagonal of its face. The cube is a three-dimensional figure, the diagonal of the cube passes through its volume, connects the opposite vertices. And the edge of the cube is square. This is a flat figure, the diagonal of the square can be drawn by connecting opposite corners with a line.Such a diagonal can be measured with a ruler, and you can count. Based on the Pythagorean theorem, we obtain that the diagonal of the face of the cube will be equal to the length of the side (a) multiplied by the root of the two. For example, a cube diagonal with a side of 10 cm will be equal to 10 roots of two.

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