• How to fix the wall paneling?

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    How to fix the wall paneling?

    Wooden and plastic lining is a modern finishing material, which is used for both internal and external wall cladding. Mounting the wall panel is not so difficult, it can be done independently. For the successful implementation of this process, you only need to know the basic rules of fastening the panels and take into account some of the nuances that arise when using one or another type of lining.

    How to fix the wall paneling

    The wall panel can be mounted on the wall in three ways:

    • glue the panels directly onto the wall;
    • fix the panels with liquid nails;
    • fasten the panel with brackets, clips or screws to the crate.

    In the first method of attachment, it is not always possible to obtain a perfectly flat surface due to the roughness of the walls themselves, the second method is rather complicated in execution, and the fixing strength with this method leaves much to be desired, therefore all professional builders are advised in one voice to fix the wall paneling.We will tell about this method of fastening in more detail.

    How to fix the wall paneling on the batten

    Lining to the crate can be fixed:

    • self-tapping screws with press washer:
    • small nails;
    • special metal clips - clamps;
    • metal brackets (a construction stapler is required for this mounting method).

    The batten for fixing lining can be of two types:

    • crate assembled from a special metal profile;
    • crate made of wooden slats or thin boards.

    For the installation of plastic lining is better to use a wooden crate, since it is much easier to attach plastic panels to it (moreover, it is cheaper than metal). In order for the installation process to move quickly and quickly, we advise you to use staples and a construction stapler for fixing plastic panels. To mount a powerful wooden lining is better to use a more durable crate made from a special metal profile. In this case, the wooden panels should be fixed to the crate with special clamps.

    How to make a crate

    Reiki or ramming bars are attached to the wall with dowels and long screws.

    ClapboardThe battens of the batten are placed on the wall in the direction perpendicular to the direction of the wall paneling, i.e. if the walls are sheathed clapboard vertically, the battens of the batten are fastened to the walls in horizontal rows. First, two extreme rows of crates are attached to the walls. The upper row of the sheathing is fixed along the ceiling, the lower one - along the floor, between them are attached several more parallel rows of rails.

    If the panel lining mounted horizontally, then first mount angular vertical slats.

    The distance between adjacent rows of rails should be approximately 60 cm when fastened to the crate of plastic panels, and about a meter when fastening wooden panels.

    The position of all the battens of the batten is controlled with a plumb and construction level and aligns them into a single vertical plane.

    The procedure for fastening plastic lining

    Plastic panels are usually mounted vertically.

    1. Installation of plastic wall paneling starts from the corner of the room in which a special starting profile (corner molding) is attached. The profile is nailed with a stapler to the batten bars.
    2. ClapboardA special plastic baseboard is fastened along the floor.
    3. The panel of the lining trimmed to the desired length is inserted into the groove of the baseboard with the lower end, and its side ridge is driven into the groove of the corner molding.
    4. From the side of the free groove, the first panel is fastened with clips to the batten bars and inserted into this groove the crest of the next panel.
    5. Moving in this way, they clap the whole room around the perimeter. In the corners, the excess part of the panel is cut, the edge of the trim is closed with an angular molding and transferred to the next wall.
    6. At the end of the work, the upper cut of the panels is masked with a ceiling plinth.

    The procedure for fastening wooden lining

    1. The first board lining attached in the corner of the room with a spike into the corner. The board is attached to the crate with small furniture studs.Clapboard
    2. Next, the teeth of the Kleimer inserted into the groove of the panel in the place where it comes into contact with the crate. The tail part of the Klyaymer is fixed with small screws to the crate.
    3. Then, the clamps are fastened along the entire length of the panel to the remaining bars of the batten.
    4. The spike of the second is inserted into the groove of the first plank of the second, they knock the second plank with a rubber hammer and attach it to the crate in the same way. So clapboard clapboard the entire wall.

    If the walls are finished with horizontal rows of lining, the panels on them are always attached only with a spike upwards.

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