• How to flash a magazine?

    April 3, 2013
    How to flash a magazine?

    In paperwork, you must constantly work with a bunch of documentation, which is evidence of the economic activity of the enterprise. And any clerk is obliged to know how to properly flash a journal for document accounting. And the main thing in keeping the journals is the continuous recording of documents, with obligatory registration in the journals of incoming and outgoing papers of the enterprise.

    How to flash a log

    The journal is stitched along the left margin so that the threads do not interfere with the work with the document. For this, on the left, symmetrically along the entire height of the sheets, 3 holes are punched vertically with an awl. Then all sheets of magazines are sewn with threads or bank twine, preferably 2 times. The tips of the thread, not less than 6-7 cm, are issued on the back of the magazine or on the last sheet, if the cover is too thick and does not break through with an awl.

    These loose ends are glued with a paper label measuring 3-4 cm so that it covers only part of the thread. The ends must be visible.On the label it is necessary to make a witness inscription in which the following is literally indicated: “N-number of sheets (date, signature)” is laced, numbered and sealed. ” This should be the signature of the manager or the person whose authority is to include the registration of documents in this journal. Then a stamp is put, which should leave an imprint both on a paper sticker with a testimony, and on the cover or on a sheet of magazine, to which the free ends of the threads are glued.

    How to flash the log

    Any journal must necessarily be numbered, starting from the first page. Each page of the magazine can be numbered specifically, and the sheets stitched in the journal can be numbered. In the first case, in the testimonial inscription, the note “N-numbered pages (date, signature)” is stamped, numbered and sealed, and in the second - “sheets”.

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