• How to fold a t-shirt?

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    How to fold a t-shirt?

    When there is not a single T-shirt in the wardrobe of a person, and there are not enough hangers in the closet, you need to learn how to fold the T-shirts. Throwing a T-shirt into the closet, ironing it later will be very difficult. And having ironed a T-shirt right after washing and having folded beautifully, just before going out it will only be possible to stroke a couple of shallow lines.

    Former dump in your closet will soon turn into a perfect wardrobe! Beautifully folded T-shirt, as it turned out, very simple and quite quickly. Today you will learn two popular ways of folding T-shirts, which came from Japan and Italy, and choose the one that you like more.

    How to fold a T-shirt - Japanese method

    1. Choose a flat surface on which the T-shirt can fit. Put the T-shirt, so to speak, "face" up, and that it lay sideways to us. The right hand should be near the sleeves of the T-shirt, and the left should be near its bottom.
    2. With your fingers of your right hand, take the T-shirt by the shoulder far away from you, just to the right of the neck.
    3. Let us try, using our imagination, to mentally draw a straight line from the fingers of the right hand to the bottom of the T-shirt, parallel to the side seam of the product.On this line it is necessary to make a “nip” with the fingers of the left hand just below the sleeve (that is, you can count about 7 cm from the edge of the T-shirt). Take a T-shirt in this place so that the thumb and forefinger capture both the top and bottom of the T-shirt.
    4. Now fold the T-shirt in half, leaving the left hand in place, and the right hand - tossing the T-shirt to the bottom. There, with the fingers of his right hand, we also capture the lower part of the T-shirt. Do not be afraid of the result, you are doing everything right!
    5. It remains for us to stretch the left hand out (to ourselves) and shake the T-shirt a little, in order to smooth out the small folds.
    6. And now the remaining sleeve is turned under the shirt symmetrically to the first sleeve.

    The first time you have already turned out beautifully, and in the second - it will also turn out quickly! It will also be helpful to see on the video how to fold the T-shirt.

    How to fold a T-shirt - Italian method

    1. Similarly, on a flat surface, put the T-shirt "face" up, stand to the side of it.
    2. With your right hand, grab a T-shirt by the shoulder far from you, just to the right of the neck. And with the left hand, we take the bottom edge of the T-shirt, parallel to the right hand.
    3. Raise the T-shirt from the surface so that its far edge is bent to the side "away from us."
    4. We join both hands, folding the product in half.We take the right hand to the new resulting right edge of the T-shirt.
    5. Put the T-shirt on the table, bending the free sleeve under the T-shirt symmetrically to the first side.

    How to fold a beautiful T-shirt in Italian can also be seen on video.

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