• Many women, quite still, often set themselves the goal of losing their weight. After all, they want to be beautiful and slim. But often there is the opposite need, that is, to gain weight. This may be due to a variety of reasons. Today, let's see how you can gain weight to a woman. So:

    How to gain weight woman?

    If your weight is below a strictly defined physiological norm, then you need to gain weight without fail. Underweight can play a cruel joke on your health. Weight is usually gained by adding to your diet foods that are high in protein and high in calories. Also, doctors advise you to add physical exercise for the development of muscle mass.

    The first thing to do is rethink your diet. It should be eaten three to four times a day. You need to think carefully about your menu for breakfast, lunch, dinner. Your task is to develop a menu that includes a diet that can provide your body with the maximum amount of nutrients and vitamins.It is better to eat the largest dish first. Sometimes it is advised to swap the first and second dishes, that is, first there is a side dish with meat, and only then soup. The soup, by the way, should be boiled in fatty meat broth, and stir up your appetite with savory appetizers.

    The portions themselves should be large, it will help gain weight. For breakfast you can cook, for example, porridge in butter or milk. Make a few sandwiches with sausage or cheese. At first, your body will be rebuilt on a new diet, in this connection, you will feel some discomfort. But after a while the discomfort will pass and you will get used to a large amount of food. The task is worth it - there is a lot.

    How to quickly gain weight woman?

    To gain weight quickly, you need to eat more often than you usually eat. Between breakfast, lunch and dinner you should organize a small snack. You do not need to eat a lot, but, for example, nuts, dried fruit, or yogurt with mussels are perfect for a small meal.

    To gain muscle mass, it is necessary to increase the number of calories consumed, by about one third per day. That is, plus 1000 calories to the usual number. But there is a small subtlety.You can not increase the number of calories dramatically. It is necessary to achieve the above norm, gradually. If you immediately start to eat a lot, then you will give a greater burden on your body. This may be followed by problems with the digestive tract and even with the cardiovascular system. You should also observe the right balance between calorie intake and exercise complexes.

    Exercises that you will use to gain weight should be directed strictly to a set of muscle mass. The main type of load - power. Aerobic exercise, in this case, is not suitable for weight gain. Be sure to work in the system, that is, regularly. It is better to hire a trainer, as he will help you understand the variety of physical exercises and choose what suits you. Surely, a special weight gain program will be developed for you, which will take into account your age, health condition, weight, fitness and much more.

    Try, at least for the time of gaining weight, to give up your bad habits. It is no secret that bad habits violate the process of metabolism, that is, active metabolism with the external environment.When smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol is very difficult to gain weight and get better.

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