• How to get a medical insurance policy for the unemployed and the newborn

    People who care about health are interested in the question of how to get a medical policy for an unemployed person and a newborn, because the MHI insurance provides ample opportunities. In the article, I will discuss this in detail.

    A citizen of the Russian Federation can obtain medical insurance at the place of residence, the registration does not play a role.

    Recently, new policies have become available for Russians, providing medical care in all parts of the country, regardless of propiska. You can count on help in a public or private institution. The main thing is that it should participate in the program.

    Previously, employers provided employees with medical policies. Now every citizen of Russia has the right to choose. He can choose an insurer, a medical institution, and a doctor.

    If the service does not like it, once a year you can change the insurer and the clinic.Citizens of Russia, foreigners residing in the country, and refugees can receive OMS.

    • To get the policy, select the insurance company, look at the point of the selected authority and make a statement. Take your passport, ID card or birth certificate with you.
    • In the application, indicate the name of the medical insurance organization and the form of the policy: paper or universal. Fill in other information.
    • This will give you a temporary certificate. The document confirms the right to free medical care and is valid for thirty days. During this time permanent will make a medical policy.

    Remember, a Russian, regardless of employment, can pay for health insurance that does not have a term of validity. A similar document is available for receiving and other categories of people.

    Obtaining a medical policy for the unemployed

    In the country, medical care is provided under the OMS program and every person who applies to the hospital should have a policy with them.

    By law, the employer is responsible for obtaining health insurance, but not everyone is employed.It is not only about pensioners and students, but also about people who temporarily do not work.

    • Choose an insurance company that will issue a medical policy. To do this, visit the website of the Medical Benefits Fund.
    • On this portal, search for a map, select a region, go to the regional fund resource and read the list of insurance organizations. Before choosing a specific option, check with all insurers.
    • Having decided with the firm, specify the schedule of work. Contact phone will help in this matter. Make an appointment. Take your birth certificate and passport with you before you are sent to the company's office.
    • Upon arrival, fill out an application, indicating the phone number. You will be given a temporary policy, which will allow you to contact the clinic for help if necessary.
    • In a month you will be contacted by representatives of the insurance organization. If this does not happen, call the insurer on your own and find out at what stage the production of the document is. All that remains is to look into the company and pick up the policy.

    Do not forget, even the absence of the MLA does not deprive of the right to an ambulance, which is provided without prior insurance.If necessary, you can contact a commercial clinic, and learn how to make injections yourself.

    Getting a medical policy for a newborn

    After the appearance of the child, parents are required to issue a place of registration, a number of official documents and a medical policy. Together with him, the baby will receive the right to medical care free of charge. At the same time he will be able to get it both in Russian medical institutions and in countries with which a medical insurance contract is in force.

    If you have a child or are planning to start it, the information will be useful.

    1. You can get medical insurance for a baby in an insurance organization at your place of residence. The policy is issued for a newborn on the basis of a registration document.
    2. In the case of residence, you can issue a permanent policy. When it comes to the place of stay, parents can expect to receive temporary insurance with automatic renewal after renewal.
    3. You can not get insurance for a child without documents. Their list is presented with a statement, birth certificate, passport of the parent who has registration at the address that is included in the service area of ​​the issuing point.
    4. A policy is issued on the day of filing.
    5. If for some reason the document is lost, submit an application to the medical organization. In a month they will be given a duplicate, and during this period you will be able to use temporary insurance.

    I do not exclude that medical insurance may not be necessary for a baby, and this is wonderful. But, if something happens, improve the health of the baby without the costs and problems.

    How to get a medical policy for a foreign citizen

    In our country, the program is OMS. A medical policy is considered a document that confirms the right of the holder to free medical care in Russia.

    The document can also be issued by foreign citizens who have decided to build a career in Russian firms or at enterprises.

    1. Only a foreigner who officially works in the country can receive medical insurance. In this case, the representatives of the company enter into an agreement with the insurer and the health insurance fund.
    2. The term of the policy corresponds to the term of the employment contract. To receive it, a foreigner must write an application to the personnel department. Later he will receive insurance at his place of work.
    3. As for non-working foreigners, they have access to paid medicine and a voluntary insurance program. By the way, a foreign citizen with registration and a residence permit is eligible for insurance, being unemployed.
    4. Women in the position and children under one year old, who do not have a policy, are provided with medical, emergency and ambulance services free of charge. At the same time citizenship does not matter. The requirement of money in this case is considered a violation of the law.
    5. Access to planned medical services is provided provided that the alien has a medical policy.
    6. Sometimes a foreigner loses the policy. Not scary, you can get a duplicate. A working citizen is recommended to write an application to the personnel department, and for an unemployed foreigner to contact the company that issued the insurance. After the expiration of the action perform similar actions.
    7. A foreigner has the opportunity to secure himself for the hospital. To do this, contact the regional health department with a passport and a policy. It does not hurt to go to the head physician of the institution.

    You have the opportunity to become a DJ or an archaeologist in Russia and have medical insurance.After receiving insurance, you will have access to all medical services provided in the Russian Federation.

    Why is the OMS policy so necessary?

    I will pay attention to the benefits of OMS. Health problems periodically appear in everyone. This may be a cold, accompanied by fever and cough or flu.

    After the onset of the disease there is a need to go to the hospital and stand in line to wait for the attention of the doctor. A visit to the clinic causes negative emotions. But the time spent with the spoiled mood is the tip of the iceberg.

    Sometimes a consultation of a highly specialized doctor is required, which is not easy to find. What to say about the delivery of tests, if a person has no idea where to go, what to take with him and how much it will cost.

    These problems are solved by the MLA. We will find out what advantages and advantages the document has.

    • The insurer deals with the issues of medical assistance, the organization of consultations and the search for doctors. In this case, consultations are held in a convenient place at a convenient time.
    • The medical insurance company is not interested in carrying out numerous analyzes and endless consultations.Specialists will quickly determine the disease, the cause of the onset and begin treatment, relieving the hassle and costs.
    • If inpatient treatment is required, company representatives will select a medical facility, determine the ward and provide them with medicines.
    • The client’s medical information is stored in the database, and when he addresses again, it is easier for the employees of the company to arrange treatment.
    • The greatest advantage of a medical policy is that the owner has no reason to worry about money for treatment. It is enough to buy insurance, and it will provide everything you need.

    Lead a healthy lifestyle and do not get sick. Good luck!

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