• How to get a scholarship?

    For many students, the scholarship is an excellent tool during their studies. When people find out how much regular students get a scholarship, it’s very difficult for them to imagine how you can satisfy all the needs of a young person for such a sum. That is why many seek to receive not only the usual scholarship, but also others, which are sometimes several times higher than it.

    Types of scholarships for students

    Students in higher education have the opportunity to receive scholarships of several types. Most of the students receive an academic scholarship, which during the semester is paid in accordance with the results of the last session. A student receiving a scholarship in the first year in the first semester usually receives the minimum scholarship required by law.

    A student may also receive a social scholarship in case he needs. Individual students may receive an honorary scholarship. This type of scholarship is usually paid by certain bodies - the Government, the Scientific Council.

    If after completing his studies, a student undertakes to go to work at a certain enterprise, during his studies he may receive a scholarship of the enterprise. A scholarship is also considered one-time financial assistance. It is paid at the request of the student once a semester.

    What students receive scholarships, to a certain extent, depends on themselves, since scholarships are awarded for various actions, achievements, or in different circumstances. That is why it is important to know how to get a scholarship of a certain type, as often students miss their opportunities only because they do not know anything about them.

    Increased scholarships

    The easiest way for any student instead of the usual scholarship to get increased. How to get an increased scholarship may depend on each individual university. However, there are a number of general rules for students of all educational institutions.

    First you need to be a full-time student. Neither external students, nor evening students can receive an increased scholarship. It is clear that only students studying at the expense of the federal budget can, in principle, receive a scholarship, not to mention an increased one.

    Since the increased scholarship is paid on the basis of the student’s progress, it is necessary to get good marks at the session. So the session, depending on the university, can be closed only on the fives, or one four can be allowed. An important factor is also the closing time of the session, since all exams must be passed the first time.

    To obtain an increased scholarship, you do not need to fill out any documents and apply.

    Social scholarship

    With this type of scholarship, it is usually a little more difficult, because students often do not know how to get a social scholarship and because of this do not receive money.

    According to the law, a social scholarship is paid to those students who need financial assistance. These students may include:

    • Orphaned children and those left without parental care.
    • Students I and II disability groups.
    • Affected by radiation disasters, in particular, from the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.
    • Veterans and disabled veterans.

    A student belonging to one of the above categories must collect a package of documents that is submitted to the social security authority.You need to submit:

    • Certificate of family composition.
    • Certificate of income for each family member.
    • Scholarship certificate.
    • Certificate of study in school.
    • Other references as needed.

    On the basis of the received documents, the social security authority issues a certificate, which must be submitted to the scholarship commission of the university.

    Presidential Scholarship

    This type of scholarship can be paid to talented students and young graduate students, so it is important to figure out how to get a presidential scholarship to try to get it. In some cases, a presidential scholarship may be paid to employees of enterprises or individuals who are actively involved in a public organization.

    Depending on whether you are studying or working, your candidacy for a presidential scholarship may be put forward by the management of the company or by the educational council.

    To receive a presidential scholarship, it is necessary to close the session with only fives for at least two semesters in a row, to be a prize winner or a winner of various competitions and olympiads, have publications in scientific journals, have grants and awards for research activities.In this case, the first criterion is mandatory for execution, and the rest is optional.

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