• How to get an elastic belly?

    If in his youth a nice tummy keeps its shape well, then with age the former forms disappear. Over time, the muscles and skin become flabby. Most often this is due to pregnancy, overuse of fatty foods and a sedentary lifestyle.

    Few can restore the previous form of diets and workouts, and the situation is not always remedied in such ways. But the ideal stomach again can be returned to the figure, and the abdominoplasty will help in this.

    What is abdominoplasty?

    Abdominoplasty is an operation through which you can get rid of excess skin and fat and tighten the abdominal muscles. This is a serious surgical intervention that requires rehabilitation. Abdominoplasty of the abdomen is shown in those cases when it is impossible to achieve good results by other means.

    During the operation, a large incision is made between the thigh bones with a length of up to 60 cm.

    It differs from liposuction in that it helps not only to remove excess fat, but also excess skin and to tighten muscles.

    Who can do abdominoplasty?

    The operation is good for the following cases:

    • Large body fat, which will cope with exercise and nutrition;
    • Loose skin on the abdomen;
    • Fat apron in the area of ​​the press;
    • Diastasis of muscles after pregnancy and childbirth;
    • Stretching of the skin due to weak muscles of the belly, especially in the presence of hernias;
    • Cicatricial deformity.

    Who should not do abdominoplasty?

    If a woman has a small flabby tummy, it is better to restore the former forms with the help of exercises and proper nutrition. The operation is not needed. Remember that this is a serious intervention in the body, and the reason for it must be valid.

    Contraindications to abdominoplasty:

    • Pathologies in the nervous system,
    • Aggravated viruses and infections,
    • Cardiovascular problems
    • Allergic reaction,
    • Respiratory disorders
    • Diabetes,
    • Pregnancy - real or planned,
    • Intestinal pathology.

    Also, the operation is not recommended in the case of the following diseases: psoriasis, fungus, skin pathologies, dermatitis. First you need to recover. Abdominoplasty is not recommended when taking certain medications. Before the operation, an inspection and consultation is required.

    Full and partial abdominoplasty

    Complete abdominoplasty is a standard procedure in which skin is cut in the bikini area. During the operation, they get rid of excess skin, fat and make muscles more dense. It can last up to five hours. The surgeon will remove scars and stretch marks, and the postoperative scar can be removed after a certain time.

    Partial abdominoplasty is called a mini tummy tuck. This is a more benign version of the operation, usually lasts no more than 2 hours. The main difference between miniabdominoplasty and abdominoplasty is that the mini-version gives a more gentle effect. Fewer risks and scars, quick rehabilitation (1-2 weeks) and minimal risks. The whole operation is performed in the area below the navel. Abdominal mini-abdominoplasty is a popular procedure that is easier to make and easier to transfer.

    Postpartum tummy tuck

    Many ladies can not return the former shape of the stomach after the birth of a child. The extra pounds go away, and the skin remains. Abdominoplasty or mini-abdominoplasty of the abdomen will help to get rid of it, as well as remove muscle sprains, fats, and sagging skin.

    Circular abdominoplasty

    In a circular operation, excess fat is removed from the abdomen, hips, and sides. Suitable for women who have extensive fatty layers or are obese. Such an operation involves extensive intervention in the body, so before it is necessary to obtain permission from a cardiologist, a nutritionist and other specialists. During the operation, surgeons work with the sides, hips and abdomen. It can last up to 5 hours, and the recovery period will take two to three months.

    The prices for full and mini-abdominoplasty in Moscow are different, you can find a fairly democratic option. Much depends on the procedure and the complexity of its execution. In general, a good operation costs from 180 thousand and more from a good specialist. He studies in detail the individual situation and selects the best variant of the operation. It is necessary to follow all instructions and recommendations.

    Abdominoplasty is one of those areas where you should not save. Choose experienced professionals, modern equipment and comfort so that the operation and the subsequent rehabilitation will be successful!

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