• How to get electricity?

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    How to get electricity?

    Today we will talk about alternative ways to generate electricity. This can be useful for those who want to reduce the cost of electricity in the house and make their homes more autonomous and independent from the power plant. So, there are several ways how to get electricity, and for this you can use:

    1. energy of the sun;
    2. wind power;
    3. energy of water.

    Solar panels

    The most eco-friendly and simple type of electricity generation is the use of solar panels. But there are disadvantages here. First, to buy equipment, you need a lot of money, but over time, their price will be less. You also need to take into account that to ensure the premises with electricity due to solar panels need sunlight. Naturally, at night and even in cloudy weather, solar panels cannot produce electricity.

    Wind generators

    Another way to generate electricity from the surrounding nature is to install a wind generator.Modern windmills are used in places where strong and constant winds blow to provide him with movement. The undoubted advantages of this method of obtaining energy is the absence of the cost of fuel, because energy is taken from the air. You can also note environmental friendliness - no harm to the environment. The only reasons for refusing to use wind generators are the complete dependence on the wind and the high cost of the initial equipment.

    Hydro generator

    To get energy through a hydrogenerator, you need a river with a fairly strong flow. Otherwise, it will not work, because you need a continuous movement. You can also use the drain and drain pipes to generate electricity. Hydrogenerators are not so common, as it is not very convenient to be tied only to the place where there is a river. In addition, in winter ponds tend to freeze, which leads to the fact that the use of a hydrogenerator becomes impossible.

    How to get electricity from improvised means

    Many children love to conduct various experiments in order to satisfy their interests.Many schoolchildren will be curious to find out how it is possible to get energy at home with improvised means.

    Electricity from wood

    To get electricity through wood, you need an aluminum rod or nail, a copper tube, a living tree.

    So, we stick a nail or rod into the tree so that it passes through the bark and reaches the trunk itself. Next to the tree, we stick a 20 cm copper pipe into the ground. Thus, tension will arise between the tree and the pipe.

    Potato experience

    Perhaps this is the most popular and easiest way to get energy. We will need salt, toothpaste, potatoes and wires.

    1. Cut the potato in half.
    2. We pierce one part with a wire, and in the other we make a recess and fill it with pasta and salt.
    3. Then we connect the parts of the vegetable so that the paste and the wires touch each other. Electricity generator is ready. With it, you can try to make a fire or light small bulbs.

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