• How to get Israeli citizenship?

    There are some reasons why Israeli law may give you the right to acquire citizenship in your country. These include: the Law "On Return", residence in Israel, birth in Israel, birth and residence in this country, adoption by a citizen of Israel, a citizenship award, naturalization.


    Consider how to get Israeli citizenship:

    • Repatriated to Israel and obtain citizenship there, according to the Law "On Return", can Jews and all members of their family up to the 3rd knee. But the children of the grandchildren of the Jews do not belong to this number. Such people can expect to receive a residence permit, but not for Israeli citizenship. Moreover, for all that, they can only come to this country until they are 18 years old. If they want to obtain Israeli citizenship, then they need to write a request-statement and contact the Ministry of the Interior with it.
    • The form indicates religion. According to Jewish customs, a Jew who has adopted a different faith is not a Jew.If you indicated your religion in this application form is Christian, then in this case, you will be forever denied repatriation and citizenship of Israel. If a person has a criminal record, or he is sick of a disease that is dangerous to society, he may also be denied extradition of Israeli citizenship and repatriation.
    • Obtaining Israeli citizenship is possible as an adult foreigner who is not a Jew. To do this, he can naturalize, or citizenship can be welcome.

    Naturalize can a person who:

    1. At the time of obtaining Israeli citizenship is in the territory of Israel itself.
    2. Before filing a petition for at least 3 years out of 5, he was in Israel - he lived on a work visa, or as a single parent / husband.
    3. Has the right to stay in Israel permanently. For example, if he lives as a family member or as a permanent resident of the country.
    4. Already settled in Israel, or at least intended to do so. That is, the applicant has all the necessary conditions for living, property, some source of income.
    5. He speaks Hebrew.
    6. Already renounced his previous citizenship or is going to do it.

    Despite the observance of all the above points, the applicant is not guaranteed citizenship in Israel. All questions are decided personally by the Minister of Internal Affairs. But, in some cases, the Israeli Minister of Internal Affairs may give a foreigner an Israeli citizenship if the parents of a minor resident of Israel file a petition. If an adult resident of Israel or a member of his family managed to benefit this state, then such a person can also receive Israeli citizenship.

    Israel: dual citizenship

    Such citizenship in this country is recognized. But there are exceptions: citizens of Israel who are naturalized are not allowed to have dual citizenship. Having emigrated to another country, while retaining Israeli citizenship, an Israeli citizen, in connection with military service, has certain obligations to this state. They will take effect if this citizen returns to Israel for a long time. According to the consulate, these obligations should be valid only if the citizen has dual citizenship.

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