• How to get pregnant?

    There comes a period in life when a woman begins to think about the birth of a child. Now she needs to think over and create the most favorable conditions for conceiving and carrying a baby.

    How to prepare

    To get started is to be examined and solve all health problems. Visit the gynecologist, hand over the necessary tests. Also, be at the endocrinologist's appointment, especially if you or someone from your family has hormonal problems. Let your partner also visit the urologist, pass tests for STIs and other infections.

    It is necessary to quit smoking (if possible both), because nicotine affects not only the health and development of the unborn child, but also reduces the chances of a successful conception. Alcohol consumption is also best excluded. Start eating full. You do not need to give up your favorite foods, just try to ensure the body has the right balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, drink a course of vitamins and minerals.

    Get rid of excess weight (if it is much higher than normal).However, do not bring yourself to a frenzy, trying to throw 2-5 kilograms that separate you from the "ideal". In general, tune in a positive way, walk more, breathe fresh air. Not bad for the period of conception to go out of town, on the nature. Relax, be philosophical about what is happening, because you are planning the most pleasant moments in life, and not hard work.

    How to determine ovulation

    The onset of pregnancy is possible only if sexual activity was in the period about a week before ovulation (the release of a mature egg from the ovarian follicle) and during the day after. This is due to the characteristics of the physiology of the reproductive system and the activity of germ cells.

    To find out the day of ovulation, you can use special tests, they are sold in a pharmacy. Acting according to the instructions, you can quite accurately determine the desired day.

    Another way to determine ovulation is to measure basal temperature. However, do not apply it at the initial stage of planning. It is rather long and complex and can cause unnecessary psychological stress.

    Try to determine the favorable period for conception using the mathematical method. Calculate the average number of cycle days and divide it in half.Roughly this is the day of ovulation. Another method for calculating the "dangerous days" is described here: On which days you can not get pregnant.

    How to increase the chance of getting pregnant

    After determining the time of ovulation, make love a few days before its occurrence and within 1-2 days after. Before trying, it is advisable to take a short break in sex life, at least for 3-4 days. This mode led to the result of a large number of pairs.

    Another method recommended by fertility specialists: have sex every other day for the whole month. Such a regime will allow not to miss ovulation and will give time for full maturation of sperm.

    After all the preparation activities, it’s time to start trying to conceive a child. May moments of intimacy not become for you only a ritual necessary for pregnancy. Be gentle with your partner, enjoy sex. According to some scientists, a strong orgasm in a woman contributes to the birth of boys.

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