• How to get rid of hair?

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    How to get rid of hair?

    In order to become beautiful, Egyptian women back in those days when the Pharaohs reigned on the banks of the Nile, using various tricks, they removed all the hairs from their bodies. Since then, little has changed in the human notions of the beautiful. Modern criteria for the beauty of women's skin are no different from those of old age. Now, as before, beautiful and smooth female skin is considered beautiful, devoid of all visible hair. Therefore, the issue of getting rid of excess vegetation on the body is still relevant for all women. Let's talk more about how to get rid of unwanted hair.

    Nowadays, many effective ways to remove unwanted hair have been invented. All these methods, depending on the effect, can be divided into two large groups: depilation and epilation.

    What is depilation?

    As a result of depilation, only hair shafts are removed. But since the hair follicles do not collapse during depilation,then, as a result of these procedures, it is possible only to get rid of the hair visible on the body surface for a short time - after a while the hair grows back.

    What is epilation?

    Radically solve the problem of hair growth on the body can only epilation, after which the hair gradually cease to grow and over time their number on the body is significantly reduced. Such a powerful effect of this procedure is achieved due to the fact that in the process of hair removal not only the hair itself is removed, but also their bulb collapses.

    Ways of depilation

    Many methods of depilation have long been known to all. It is possible to remove hair by such methods at home, without resorting to the services of beauty salons, as for carrying out such procedures do not require special devices or devices.

    All methods of depilation are divided into mechanical and chemical.

    To mechanical include:

    • hair shave;
    • hair removal with melted wax;
    • plucking hair with tweezers or a special device - an epilator;
    • hair removal with two durable threads;
    • hair removal using caramelized sugar (shugaring);

    Chemical depilation methods:

    • hair removal using special ready-made preparations - depilatory creams;
    • getting rid of hair with the help of folk remedies.

    Now we will briefly tell about each of these methods and list their main advantages and disadvantages.


    This method of hair removal is the fastest and cheapest. The razor cuts the hair absolutely painlessly at the very surface of the skin, as a result of which it becomes smooth and pleasant to the touch. If you use high-quality blades, a good shaving cream or foam, and after the procedure, you work on shaved areas with specially designed disinfecting and moisturizing cosmetics, you can avoid such possible side effects as cuts, irritation or rashes on the skin.

    Significant disadvantages of this method of hair removal include the fact that after shaving the hair grows with double strength, therefore, it is necessary to shave it more and more often, and that is especially unpleasant - new hair often becomes darker and coarser than those that grew initially Therefore, this method of hair removal is unacceptable for very delicate places - you can not shave the hair over the upper lip, in the bikini area and in the neckline.By the way about how you can remove facial hair, it was previously described in our article How to get rid of facial hair.

    Hair removal with wax

    This procedure is carried out as follows: melted wax is applied on the skin area with unwanted hairs, on top of which a piece of fabric is applied, then, with one sharp movement, the fabric along with the wax and the hairs that have stuck into it are removed from the skin surface. The result is perfectly smooth skin, which will remain so for a long time. This is possible due to the fact that the hair was not superficially cut, but completely torn out of the skin. From this follows the main disadvantage of this method - it is always painful to pull hair out.

    Hair removal with sugar paste

    This method is similar to the previous one, it has the same advantages and the same disadvantages. Its only difference from the above method is that instead of melted wax, a specially prepared sticky sugar paste is applied to the skin.

    Plucking hair

    A few hairs on the face, chest or in the bikini area can be pulled out with tweezers if you wish, and they will not grow back in their place for a long time.In all other cases, the use of tweezers is unacceptable, as the single removal of a large number of hairs is a very long and painful procedure. Therefore, to remove numerous hairs growing on legs or arms, instead of tweezers, a special electric epilator is used, the principle of action of which is also based on mechanical pulling of hairs. Due to the fact that the epilator works at high speed and in one pass immediately captures several dozen hairs, such plucking causes less pain than manual removal of hair.

    Hair removal with depilatory creams

    After applying such agents to the skin, the chemicals contained in them begin to destroy the hair structure. This process is quick and painless, so after a few minutes the hair softens and is easily peeled off with a special spatula.

    Folk remedies for hair removal

    The action of almost all of these agents is based on the ability of certain pharmaceutical preparations, such as potassium permanganate, hydrogen peroxide or rivanol, to weaken, lighten and thin the hair.Some natural products have similar properties, and more precisely, the substances contained in them. For example, to remove unwanted hair, people often use tincture of green walnuts, juice of unripe grapes or oil infused on nettle seeds.

    Ways of epilation

    As mentioned above, hair removal, held in a beauty salon, will help solve the problem of hair growth in a fundamental way. Such methods of completely getting rid of excessive facial and body hair have been previously described in detail in our article How to remove hair permanently. Therefore, we will not repeat and only briefly remind you of the main methods of epilation. Depending on what physical principle underlies the operation of the device designed for hair removal, all methods of hardware hair removal are divided into two large groups:

    • electrolysis,
    • light epilation.

    What is electrolysis?

    During the session of electrolysis hair follicles are completely destroyed as a result of exposure to electric current of low power. When hair is removed by electrolysis method, one of the three existing methods of its implementation is used today: thermal, galvanic, or mixed.

    What is light epilation?

    Light epilation is the destruction of hair follicles by light. Depending on the range and power of light radiation, there are two types of it - laser hair removal and photo-epilation.

    We told about almost all existing methods of hair removal.

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