• Domestic parasites sometimes become not a small problem that bothers with its constant presence, but a whole disaster with a danger to life. This is especially true for rats. How to deal with these rodents and what can be done to protect themselves and their loved ones from these dangerous animals, which are called "domestic", the language does not turn? We learn about this together. So:

    How to get rid of rats?

    There are a number of ways that help the owners of country houses and city apartments to deal with rats - carriers of infection and symbols of dirt. Let's deal with them in order.

    • The most proven method, which, however, may not work is a cat or a cat. Indeed, these pets, especially those who have an active nervous system and thirst for hunting, perfectly solve the problem of rodent control. Every day, there are not so many rats in their sharp claws, however, this greatly repels rodents, and they leave your house or apartment. Perhaps the only problem faced by the owners is the unpredictability of their pet.As you know, cats and cats are those animals that lead an independent and proud lifestyle. Consequently, the cat is different. Despite all this, this method of rodent control is very effective and environmentally friendly. But it is suitable for small spaces.
    • Another simple way to help get rid of rats at home is to use mousetraps. This approach is suitable if you got an unwelcome guest or a group of them in a small amount. If there are many rats, and they are actively breeding, and rats, as you know, breed more than actively, then a mousetrap will not save you. In addition, with the effective operation of this ingenuous device, you will have to care for the remains of the rat that got there. Not the most pleasant thing to say. Well, another underwater stone is the possibility that you yourself will fall into the trap. Not the best perspective.
    • The next method to help kill hateful animals is to use simple means that poison them. One of the most famous means - "Goliath", which is able to neutralize the smell from the remains of the animal. Remember, however, that any poison is deadly for a human being, so keep a bottle of the substance from the children in the house, but rather the children from the bottle.
    • A very simple, harmless to humans option of getting rid of rats - this is ash. The fact is that ash magically affects rodents and causes irritation in their paws. Not being able to move actively, they leave their chosen habitat.
    • How to get rid of rats with a special approach? A cruel death awaits a rat if you use the following method. Prepare the composition of flour and gypsum in proportions of one to one. Sprinkle the mixture in the habitats of rodents, in their burrows and favorite places for the mouse meal. When eating flour with gypsum, the latter hardens directly in the stomach of the unfortunate animal, which leads to a terrible slow death. Despite the cruelty of the method, it works very well.
    • Well, the last method of protection against rodents is the use of ultrasonic waves, which are produced using a special device. How it works? High-frequency waves that are not perceived by the human ear drive the rodents crazy. After feeling this discomfort, after two weeks, all the rats leave their old place and go away from the hated sound attack.It should be noted that you will need several similar devices to completely remove the rats from your home. Put the devices near the mink and main habitats of rodents.

    Here, perhaps, all the ways that will help you get rid of rats at home. Remember that rats are a real threat to your health and the health of your family members.

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