• How to get rid of "spring avitaminosis"?

    The same pale and disorderly queues line up in front of the neurologist's office, hoping to get a wonderful prescription for a safe, effective and inexpensive medicine that the doctor will prescribe without examinations, but only on the basis of a look at a patient who is exhausted by a long Russian winter.

    The bad news: vitamins are ineffective in the fight against the decrease in vitality that comes in the spring. And what is popularly called “spring avitaminosis,” in most cases is not.

    This article will not be miraculous recipes from a spoon of ginger and a pinch of cinnamon, as well as the names of delicious preparations, which will immediately become good for everyone. There will be only the harsh and sometimes boring truth of official medicine.


    What kind of miraculous discoveries were not brought to the doctors by patients who sideways squeezed into the office with a modest request: “You don’t need to lookI would need some vitamins for strengthening the body! ”And this is not surprising, since feeling weakness is a nonspecific symptom that can be the first sign of hundreds of various diseases: from chronic rheumatic heart disease to depression.

    The feeling of constant weakness is called “asthenic syndrome” by people in white coats. This is not a diagnosis, but simply a statement of the fact “the patient feels unwell”: for example, she cannot wake up in the morning without a can of coffee with half a pound of sugar dissolved in it, and can not sleep at night from anxious thoughts; crying, restless, irritable, forgetful, distracted, constantly feeling tired, hates the whole world in general and each of its representatives in particular. Perhaps the patient began to gain weight, or, conversely, was considerably thinner. All of the above can be a sign of a serious illness.

    How to get rid of "spring avitaminosis"?

    Therefore, to rush to the pills for fatigue in a pharmacy, in the hope that the good pharmacist will add something tonic (and he will definitely add it, because no one has canceled the sales plan) is the most meaningless action that you can think of. At best, the medicine will not help.In the worst - it will do much harm.

    What does this mean for a tired and pale patient? We'll have to put up with the idea that the forces do not leave the body just because of the fact that the snow melted and the rooks flew. There is a reason for everything. And it is worth looking for it if you want an effective solution to your problems.

    The secret of the spring update

    But there is good news. In 90% of cases, asthenic syndrome turns out to be solely the result of full patient's refusal in relation to the needs of his body. In other words, no terrible disease is found in such people.

    Winter is a good time to start doing something for yourself from Monday. Well, starting next Monday. No, after all with the following. In general, certainly some time later. That is, never.

    There is an explanation for this: light day is reduced, which affects the production of melatonin. This substance is closely related to the work of the well-known dopamine - the molecules of happiness, which are also synthesized by our neurons. That is why in the fall so many people fall into apathy and melancholy. They have little sun, the production of dopamine knocks, and now I do not want to move once again,therefore, many are switching to a functioning mode with energy savings: work - home - series - fast carbohydrates - short disturbing sleep - work.

    How to get rid of "spring avitaminosis"?

    Surprisingly, it is this inconspicuous transition to the "energy conservation regime" that causes asthenic syndrome. Sometimes, however, horizontal existence with short dashes between the sofa and the refrigerator itself is only a sign, but not the cause of depression, but this is another story that psychiatrists will tell.

    Get enough sleep

    Twenty years ago, the main cause of sleep disorders and related problems was the work of patients in night shifts, but now in the top of the reasons are freelancing and drunken viewing of TV shows. There is nothing more important for my patients than to find out “what's there with the Lannisters” and how many fighters of Rick Grimes have been inundated by the walking dead in the new season.

    An eight-hour nap from 23:00 works wonders more abruptly than the resurrection from the dead by the White Walkers. Because in the interval from 23:00 to 1:00 there is a peak of the daily production of melatonin, which makes sleep full and refreshing, and daily activity - more tolerable

    The development of dopamine,and now, after three nights of normal sleep, I don’t want to connect a portable drip of coffee to my vein in order to constantly get some caffeine into my blood stream, otherwise there is no motivation to live and do something.

    Go in for sports

    Experienced patients have an ancient legend about tablets to improve cerebral circulation. These doctors hide the pills, they do not want to prescribe voluntarily, so you have to pull out the secret prescription from the doctors almost with ticks. The miraculous medicine improves cerebral circulation at once, creates a photographic memory, gives vitality, restores potency, grows hair that has fallen on the head for a long time (because the brain is better supplied with blood!) And makes our athletes win all competitions. These drugs are called nootropics and metabolic drugs. Knowledgeable people talk more about antihypoxants and antioxidants. In general, Maria Sharapova doesn’t just so erotically shout at all tennis tournaments: her sly sports doctor knows what and when to give the drug.

    In fact, all of the above can be bought at any pharmacy, and even a recipe will not be asked.However, the effect of taking these pills is unlikely to be so magical. Especially if you close your life cycle between the fridge and the sofa.

    How to get rid of "spring avitaminosis"?

    And yet there is a recipe for guaranteed improvement of cerebral circulation. This is any regular physical activity.

    Running with a dog, half an hour in the pool and even walking with a stroller stimulates the blood flow in the body, including all brain structures. This leads to unexpected effects in the form of cheerfulness, inspiration and even improved vision.

    But for some reason, the secret I called is not popular in Russia. Unlike tasty pills from everything in the world.

    Keep stress to a minimum

    At first, people routinely complain about the inability to lift themselves out of bed in the morning and the utter reluctance to do anything during the day. Then the women begin to cry, and the men sternly move their eyebrows and tell how their work is zadolbal. Conflict situations with superiors or colleagues, the amount of work that is impossible to do, no matter how hard you try, the daily need to perform a hated monotonous activity ... All this is a source of constant stress.

    If a stressful situation is not resolved within a month or two, the exchange of neurotransmitters in the brain begins to change, and then it is time for irreversible changes in the structures that are responsible for emotions and action planning. All this can initially manifest itself as an asthenic syndrome: the body simply strikes against the current stressful situation in the family or at work, and the brain generates symptoms that should alert the owner and encourage him to change activities.

    Alas, few take drowsiness, apathy and some kind of incomprehensible weakness as a serious signal from their bodies. "Reduce stress? The doctor, it is impossible! "- the majority swings away. Actually, of course, possible.

    How to get rid of "spring avitaminosis"?

    It is important to understand that not too serious at first glance, but at the same time constant stressful situations take a lot of energy, and therefore attempts to reduce stress - changing jobs, finding a hobby, playing sports or even daily 15-minute meditation - can really help you to feel better. .

    Spring is the right time for a change. You should not spend the first sunny days on the search for questionable dietary supplements, a variety of diets for "cleansing the body" and "new life from Monday."But a subscription to the gym or an “upgrade” of a resume with the search for more interesting work may well become the very magic pill that will give strength and energy.

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