• How to get to Surgut?

    Andrey Kim
    Andrey Kim
    December 19, 2014
    How to get to Surgut?

    Surgut is the largest city of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug. The city has the most important economic, industrial and tourist significance, and therefore Surgut must be included in the list of mandatory for visiting Russian cities.

    This article will tell you how to get to Surgut.

    By train

    Perhaps the easiest way to get to Surgut is by train, it’s not as expensive as flying an airplane, and not as troublesome as driving your own car. It is worth saying that in the summer and New Year holidays Surgut is quite popular, and therefore train tickets should be taken care of in advance, however, remember that RZD does not sell tickets earlier than 45 days before the trip.

    It is worth considering that all the trains passing to Surgut, the corporate train through the city should be only one, and therefore you should not expect much comfort. On the other hand, the corporate train costs more. In addition, on trains going through Surgut, you can often meet the so-called shift workers, and they, as a rule, gather in noisy and cheerful companies.

    There are trains from Moscow to Surgut: 104B, 012Я, 060U (firm "Tyumen") and 110E with departure, respectively - 03.35, 16.50, 16.50, 22.35.

    The journey time is approximately 47 hours, the fastest 060U is 45 hours, the slowest of all 104B is almost 52 hours. The approximate cost of the ticket is 4,000 rubles for a reserved seat, the reserved seat for a company train will cost 5,500 rubles.

    By plane

    By plane to Surgut you can fly from Moscow and Novosibirsk, there are airplanes every day. Mostly flying machines companies U-Tair, Kogalym-Auto and Aeroflot. Tickets are expensive, as a rule, 3-4 times more expensive than a train, but if you buy them much in advance or with a promotion, you can even win.

    By car

    Previously, getting to Surgut by car was extremely problematic - it was necessary to get on the ferry, but recently a new bridge across the Ob was put into operation, and everything became much easier. Follow the P404 via Tyumen, Tobolsk, Demyanka, Salym and Nefteyugansk. The condition of the roads is not the best, but not out of the ordinary too bad.

    Important point! On this route, the speed limit in many places is 50 km / h, however, do not give in to the desire to break, the feature of the P404 is also in the fact that there are a lot of traffic police officers on it.

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