• How to give flowers?

    Our life is rich in events - joyful, solemn, mournful. All these moments are accompanied by human emotions, and flowers help to more fully and vividly express their attitude to what is happening. It was for this that certain rules for giving flowers were invented. Let's talk about flower etiquette more.

    How to give flowers?

    It turns out to present flowers in any case is not so simple. According to etiquette, flowers should correspond to the age of the person being given, his well-being and, of course, sex. In addition, for different occasions should be presented different flowers. The hobbies of the person to whom the bouquet is given, also have a special meaning.

    So it turns out that there is a language of flowers, that is, a whole science about how to give flowers. For example, a woman is not allowed to give small flowers, decorated in small bouquets. This gift is suitable for children as a supplement to a set of chocolates or toys.

    Bouquets of roses, lilies, chrysanthemums are best suited for mature women. Particular attention should be paid to the colors of white color, because white is considered the color of sorrow and mourning. But in combination with light roses, white flowers are sometimes found in wedding bouquets.You can learn more about what flowers should be given for one reason or another, from the article “What Flowers to Give.”

    How to prepare a bouquet?

    First of all, flowers should be protected from adverse atmospheric phenomena, from the so-called collapse. For this purpose, various types of packaging are used:

    • thin paper;
    • plastic bags;
    • carton boxes.

    However, it is necessary to unwrap the bouquets before handing them, free them from packing, with the exception of frosty winter weather, when frozen packaged flowers should be placed in water for a while (until the bouquet temperature is equal to room temperature).

    If the package is part of the composition, then it should not be removed. It is not recommended to give flowers in plastic packaging, as it is considered a move.

    How to give flowers to a girl?

    The question of how to give flowers to a girl will always remain relevant. After we have considered the preparation of the bouquet, you can proceed directly to the presentation. According to etiquette, it is customary to give flowers to a girl in her left hand in order to take a girl’s hand for a kiss with her right hand.

    Girls like to receive inspired gifts.Therefore, bouquets should be made skillfully, skillfully. Details on the composition of bouquets can be found in the article - What kind of flowers to give a girl.

    How many flowers should there be in a bouquet?

    In order to properly give flowers, you need to take into account many nuances. For example, regarding the number of flowers in a bouquet, there are some subtleties or the so-called magic of numbers. A single flower is given as a sign of attention, three flowers signify respect from the donor, five flowers are a sign of recognition. A bouquet of seven flowers speaks of adoration, of nine - recognition that the donor is ready to fall to the feet of his beloved.

    There is a strong belief that an even number of colors is permissible only in a funeral situation. Of course, there is no logical explanation for this, but the rule is. Read more about this in the article - How many flowers to give.

    How to give flowers to a man?

    Flowers are given not only to women. Giving flowers to a man is a good way to get his attention. The language of flowers claims that flowers of the same color with long stems are ideal as a gift for men.

    The most elegant and beautiful flowers are given for hospital visits.In the selection of such bouquets should choose flowers without a bright aroma, so as not to cause inconvenience to the patient. Useful information can be found in the article - What kind of flowers to give to men.

    How to give flowers?

    It is useful to know how to present flowers. Usually, the right hand is left free to greet, and a bouquet is held in the left hand. Visiting friends, they give flowers to the hostess, at holidays they hand flowers directly to the hero of the occasion.

    A man who came to the feast with the lady should remember that it is necessary to hand the flowers to the hostess of the house after the exchange of women with greetings.

    On the first visit (for example, at the invitation of a visit) a man should give bouquets to both ladies (the mistress of the house and her daughter). Moreover, these bouquets should be different, but so that no one could say that one is better than the other.

    It is equally important to know how to take flowers. After all, the giver feeds hopes for the manifestation of delight, pleasure, that is, a kind of reward for his gift. Therefore, donated flowers are best placed in the water and set in a room in the most prominent place for general admiration.

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