• How to grow a nut?

    Using the example of a walnut, I will tell you how to grow a nut in the garden, as well as about the peculiarities of growing this wonderful tree at home. I must say that walnut is a very durable plant. There are known trees whose age ranges from 300 to 600 years and which still continue to produce very high yields. Therefore, it is important to grow just such a walnut tree, which will produce a large number of fruits, because your far descendants will surely take advantage of these benefits. Well, now get down to business.

    How to grow walnuts on the site

    If you decide to plant a nut, you need to place it in such a way that a spreading, tall tree does not prevent other plants or buildings. You should not plant a nut close to different buildings, because its powerful roots can grow, and even damage the foundation. Not far from the sapling, only berry bushes can be planted, which will be able to give a full harvest for 10 years, and then, when the walnut tree grows enough, the bushes can be removed.The main method of cultivation of nuts - seeds. It is necessary to select large and well-made fruits that have a thin shell and a tasty core. Peel them from the green shell, lay them out in one layer and first dry them in the sun, and then in the shade and in a draft. In no case do not dry the fruits intended for planting, near batteries and various other heating devices. If you are going to plant fruits in the fall, then they can not be dried. They should be sown immediately to a permanent place, since the seedlings form a central taproot that goes deep enough, and it is highly undesirable to injure it. The hole for sowing should be 1 m in depth and in diameter. The soil thrown out of the pit is well mixed with rotted humus: this way the tree will have an excellent supply of nutrients. At the bottom of the fossa, lay the fruit with a seam up and in a vertical plane, but do not point it up, as otherwise fructification will occur three whole years later than that of a properly planted tree.

    How to grow a nut from the fruit - continued

    Seedlings for a permanent place is best transplanted in the spring when they reach the age of two.Carefully dig them out, since the lateral roots cannot be damaged. But a vertical root, sometimes reaching a length of more than a meter, is necessary to chop up - you can cut it with a sharp knife or shears at a depth of about 40 cm. Wound the wounds with clay. When planting, the seedling must be set on compacted soil so that the root neck is about 3-4 cm above ground level. The roots should be carefully straightened and give them a position that they occupied before extraction from the ground. When transplanting a nut seedling, a flat stone cannot be laid under the center of the root system. This erroneous opinion is based on the fact that a flat stone supposedly helps to grow powerful roots - in fact, this is not true, and such manipulation will only damage the tree. After backfilling, the soil needs to be compacted, watered, made a recess in it and mulched, and immediately after planting remove excess branches on the seedling.

    How to grow a nut - tree care

    It is better not to cut the walnut in the first year of life, and this procedure should be started at the beginning of the second spring. Crop need those branches that are located above the well-developed.You also need to make sure that there are no dry twigs on the tree - they also need to be removed. Re-pruning is usually carried out at the end of the summer, as a last resort, not earlier than the end of July. Wounds that form on the tree from cutting the branches should be cleaned with a sharp knife and covered with garden pitch. Grafting a walnut tree is quite complicated and laborious due to some peculiarities of walnut breeding, so be prepared for the result to be no less than in 3-4 years - for this I recommend that you refer to the specialized literature or experienced gardener who grows nuts. And a few words about watering walnut. It is necessary to water a tree depending on the type and characteristics of the soil on which it grows. In addition, consider and such factors as rainfall. Despite the fact that a nut is a tree that is rather moisture-loving, nevertheless, it also does not like excessive moisture. Well, now a little about how to grow a nut at home. Of course, there is a great temptation to sow the walnut seed in a pot, but think about what you will do when the tree starts to grow actively. That is why experts strongly recommend planting a nut right on the site, because this tree gets used to the landing site, and guarantees,that on the site you arrange it exactly the same as in the pot, almost none. Therefore, the conclusion: do not torment the plant and plant it immediately into the ground.

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