• How to grow melon?

    Many people like melon, because it has an excellent taste and is very nutritious, it can be eaten raw, and you can cook various dishes with it. You can grow melon in your garden for home use, and if you want to even sell the resulting crop. In this article we will look at how to plant and grow a melon.

    Buying seeds

    For a start, it is important to purchase good seeds, which will later give a high-quality harvest. You can find the right product in the summer resident’s and gardener's shop or buy melon seeds online: a large selection and detailed information on seeds will help you find the right variety, besides, buying from an online store, especially in bulk, will be cheaper for you.

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    Plant and grow melon: basic rules and tips

    1. Plant a melon in an open and sunny area where the cold wind does not blow and the sun heats well.
    2. Suitable soil is neutral and light.It is important that the earth is not sour and not subject to high humidity.
    3. In the middle band, the melon is grown by seedlings. In mid-March-late April, seedlings are sown to a depth of 1.5 cm.
    4. To get a good harvest, fill the soil with mineral and organic fertilizers. When digging up the ground in the fall, introduce humus and double superphosphate into the soil. When making fertilizer for the soil yourself, mix peat, turfy ground, peat, mineral fertilizers and wood ash. The soil should be the most, and the sod land and peat - in equal proportions.
    5. First, you need to grow seedlings - it is better to plant in separate containers with a diameter of more than 10 cm. The seedlings need sunlight and a temperature of 20-25 degrees during the day and 18-20 degrees - at night.
    6. After the first leaflet appears in the seedlings, it is necessary to add mineral fertilizers: ammonium nitrate, potassium chloride or superphosphate according to the instructions. After two weeks, you need to repeat feeding.
    7. In the second half of May, when the seedlings will have 5-7 full leaves, it will need to be planted in the ground. Moisten the seedlings and gently land in prepared holes in the ground at a distance of about 55 cm. The root neck should not be too deep.It is useful to sprinkle river sand around the plants and water them with warm water in the first days.
    8. Melon is most often grown in spreading - lashes spread on the ground. To get a quality crop over the fourth leaf, you need to pinch the sprout so that two strong ones grow on the sides. This is useful because all the nutrients will go to the plant and fruits, and not to be wasted in the ground.
    9. There is also a trellis method of growing melons, when they prepare in advance a frame two meters high. After planting on the fourth day, they are tied with a rope, the upper end of which is attached to the trellis. The plant will twist upward on the rope. The point of growth is pinned above the 3-4 leaf - side shoots after this procedure will grow from the axillary buds. You should leave the two strongest, and get rid of the rest. Both shoots need to tie up to the trellis. Plants with this method of cultivation will be better lit and warmed, which will improve the quality of the crop.
    10. After tying, the melon should be watered regularly until the fruits appear - then watering should be stopped so that they take in sugar.Do not allow an excess of moisture, as the roots of the plant may begin to rot.
    11. Top dressing needs to be done after sprouting side shoots and before the appearance of buds. Use for this with equal alternation of mineral and liquid fertilizers, carefully apply the nitrogen, as their excess will negatively affect the terms of fruiting.

    Observing these basic recommendations, you will achieve a good harvest, which will be the main delicacy on your table or an excellent product for sale.

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