• How to grow a pine tree?

    It is difficult to find a more common, useful and versatile tree than pine. In addition to wood, resin is collected from trees, and turpentine and rosin are obtained from it. From the needles get carotene and vitamin C, and the famous pine oil is produced from seeds.

    Pine is not only for man. Squirrels, birds and chipmunks feed on pine seeds, while elk feeds on pine shoots and bark.

    So, find out how to grow a pine tree, so that it pleases the eye and decorates the garden. The best time of autumn sowing is considered to be September-October.

    Seed propagation

    For him, they select the largest seeds from the best trees, which bring abundant crops. Before planting the seeds are prepared. First, they are soaked in water for several days, and the water is changed every day. The day before sowing, the seeds are placed in a strong solution of potassium permanganate. Now you need to decide how to grow pine from seeds.

    Seeds are sown in wide rows, the distance between which is ten to fifteen centimeters. The depth of their landing is three centimeters.After sowing, the ground is rolled and covered with a layer of mulch. Be sure to ensure that the beds do not fall shadow, as even a slight shading causes a slowdown in growth. In spring, shoots should preferably be covered with plastic wrap so that birds do not damage them. But as soon as the green "loops" throw off the shell, the film is removed.

    If seeds are sown in spring, they undergo stratification for eighty to ninety days. They are soaked in warm water for six to eight days. Then the pine seeds are mixed with peat or sand and maintained at a temperature of eighteen to twenty-two degrees for a month.

    The seeds thus treated are stored at zero temperature. The best time for spring sowing is April-May. The first pick is carried out at the cotyledon stage. Seedlings digging, sorting, pruning the roots and planted according to the scheme twenty to twenty centimeters.

    In the third year, the seedlings are transplanted to the first school at a distance of seventy to ninety centimeters from each other, and after five years they can be planted in a permanent place. If large-scale planting material is required, it is grown in the second school for five years.

    When picking and transplanting seedlings, it is always necessary to add coniferous litter to the soil, as well as the soil from the pine forest, which contains mycorrhiza, because it increases the survival rate of young trees. To determine how to plant a pine, you need to clarify some points.

    Planting seedlings

    For planting pine in the garden requires a sunny, open and dry place. The distance between the trees should be at least 7-10 meters. The landing pit is digging in size along the length and width equal to ten diameters of the trunk at the base. The depth of the pit is 15-20 centimeters more.

    If the soil at the site of planting is not suitable for pine, then the pit increases by thirty centimeters in depth, width and height. At the bottom of the pit, dug in clay soil, lay a drainage height of twenty centimeters. Then it is a third filled with a mixture made from humus, coniferous bedding, garden soil and a small amount of peat.

    A tree older than three years is desirable to replant with a clod of earth. Before planting, the roots are treated with a root stimulator solution for twenty-four hours.Pine is placed in the landing pit and gently poured earthen mixture, and then watered abundantly.

    When planting container trees, watering is carried out only after planting. In this case, a root stimulator, for example, “heteroauxin” or indolylbutyric acid, is necessarily added to the irrigation water.

    Trees from containers in planting pits are set at the same level at which they were planted in pots. Pines with an open root system are best planted in the autumn, and container plants - year-round.

    We grow bonsai from pine

    In order to have at home a miniature pine in a pot, you can try to grow bonsai. Immediately warn that the matter is troublesome and not always successful. For the cultivation of bonsai suitable seedlings-one-year-olds. To start the painstaking work, dig up a sapling in the fall and transplant it into a small pot filled with humus, sand and perlite.

    In the spring after rooting the seedling, you can begin pruning, leaving only a seven centimeter stalk. After pruning, it is necessary to impose a wire frame that will further form the stem of your dwarf tree.

    Care for planted pines

    Planted plants need careful care, which is watering, weeding and feeding. Now we will understand how to care for a pine tree so that it quickly starts and grows well. In the first year of cultivation, watering is carried out regularly and quite abundantly.

    Feeding is carried out once a month with organic fertilizers. The ground under the trees within a radius of seventy centimeters, kept clean.

    Twice during the growing season, the roots of the plant should be watered with a solution of the root stimulator in order to form small suction roots. Also once a month, the ground around the trees is mulched with a conifer litter.

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