• How to grow rabbits?

    A very large number of people, recently, began to get involved in breeding rabbits. As you know, rabbits are very prolific, and because of this, the owners get a good profit from the sale of skins, young animals or meat. Let's look at how to raise rabbits in this article. There are 2 ways of how rabbits are grown - the usual one, which uses jigging from the female and raising special, broiler rabbits. When jigging from a female, rabbits are slaughtered when they reach four months. For growing rabbits for meat, it is best to use rabbits, which were obtained by industrial crossing.

    Breeding rabbits for meat

    • First of all, you should find a place for the cells and make the cells themselves. As a place to live, a shed or a barn is well suited, the main thing here is that the rabbits are not blown by the wind. Cells can be made independently or bought on the market. If you decide to make your own cells, then you need to purchase metal mesh, plywood, boards and nails.The cage should be ninety centimeters long, sixty centimeters wide, forty five centimeters high. Do not forget that the rabbits need to create an office where the nest will be placed.
    • Considering how to grow rabbits correctly, you should definitely clarify that the best way to purchase rabbits is on rabbit farms or from trusted people. Buying rabbits on the market is not worth it. The thing is that you can slip substandard or sick animals, and nothing good will come of them.
    • As for feeding, there is nothing supernatural. The most important dish is hay. But it is important that it is not rough, but green and tender. In any case, it will be better if you do the harvesting of hay yourself. Then you will know for sure that there are no harmful or poisonous plants in the hay. In summer, rabbits can be fed with dried grass. Even in the diet must include grain or barley, or wheat. You can also give the roots and most importantly - to provide the rabbits with fresh water. Feed animals need at least twice a day.
    • The case of rabbit at the age of five or seven months.Males are allowed to mating from six months. But here, too, there is one important factor. The animal should not be obese. This, first of all, concerns, directly, females. The rabbits are nursing rabbits for a month. Around usually happens quickly and, almost always, at night.
    • The little bunnies after birth are not exactly beautiful. They are blind and naked. It is your responsibility to ensure that no dead rabbits are left in the nest. That's only when you touch the nest or rabbits, your hands should not have any smell. The female mother does not sit with her cubs during the day, she just visits them in order to feed them. All the rest of the time they lie buried in the mother's fluff, which the mother rabbit pulled from her body when she was preparing for childbirth.
    • Rabbit eyes open two weeks after birth. Cubs grow very quickly. When they reach the age of seventeen days, they begin to examine the cell, and for this they leave the nest. They feed with their mother. After the rabbit turns one month old, they are relegated from the female to another cage.
    • For three or four months, the youngsters are well fed.Rabbits are ready to slaughter.

    Now you know how to keep rabbits. The most important thing in this business is to have the desire to breed animals, look after them and keep cages clean.

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