• How to grow tomatoes

    You will need
    • - large plastic glasses
    • - transparencies
    • - Earth
    • - ash
    • - boric acid
    • - humus
    • - copper sulphate
    Warm up the seeds on the battery before sowing seedlings. The battery should not be too hot so as not to overheat the seeds. 6-12 hours will be enough for warming up.
    Sow them in large glasses and cover with a transparent film before germination. Keep seedlings warm. Try to keep the temperature in the room stable, without drops.
    After sprouting, place the seedlings in a room with a temperature of about 14-16 during the day and 12 at night. The room should be sunny. If you are not able to maintain this temperature, then at least try to keep it not too hot in the room.
    Seedlings during the growth period several times should be sprayed with an aqueous solution of boric acid (1 hour. Spoon per 10 liters. Water).
    To land in the ground, make the wells and fill them with humus. Then from the cups move the seedlings along with the ground. Provide plants with abundant watering strictly under the root.
    During the flowering period, spray the plants several times with an aqueous solution of boric acid. You can add a little blue vitriol. Such a spraying will provide good feeding and will protect against diseases.

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