• How to grow worms?

    Fishing is one of the ways to have a pleasant and exciting pastime, but even it requires careful and careful preliminary training. And the most important in this preparation is the selection of bait. Naturally, the purchased bait is inferior to its own, grown at home. When using your bait, you get a significantly larger catch, and you also feel proud of having your own part in it.

    The most popular and popular bait among fishermen is the usual earthworm. Today, there are three types of earthworms:

    • white earthy;
    • red manure;
    • cherry leaf liners.

    In winter, it’s impossible to find an earthworm, except to get it on the fishing market. But after all, with a great desire, worms can be grown by yourself. Let's figure out how to grow worms and what you need.

    We grow worms

    It should be noted that worms are grown at home quite simply. For this we need:

    • wooden box;
    • worms;
    • dark, breathable fabric;
    • manure;
    • peat;
    • household waste;
    • watering can;
    • food waste.

    First we need to make compost (organic fertilizer), a dense consistency. It must fully satisfy the vital needs of the worm, and also, as far as possible, resemble the natural habitat. For this, it is better to choose a place shaded by trees. The depth of the excavated pit should be no more than 45 cm, and the area that you will use when making the compost should be set according to your own considerations.

    Now we put the fabric (the most suitable - burlap), and on top of it - a layer of clay (20-25 cm). Next, lay out the ground layer, mixed with humus, preferably black earth. The size of the layer should be within 10-15 cm. And then we cover it with a layer of leaves, you can use birch leaves. The elevation of the sheet layer should be about 40-50 cm.

    Equally important is the care of the housing of the worms. Do not forget to use additives that accelerate the process of leaf decay and give our compost a more productive and dense look. With a lack of moisture, if you, for example, live in the area where rains are a rare phenomenon, you need to do periodic watering of your compost.In winter, the presence of snow and frost does not affect the growth of worms, because the snow covering the leaves ensures the safety of the normal temperature in the compost. And in the case of severe frost, but without snow cover, it is necessary to cover the dwelling with a 1.5-2 meter straw layer. Top cover with a weighty and dense piece of fabric.

    Worms for fishing are very sensitive to any decrease in humidity, so do not forget to water them with infused water (20-24 ° C). At the same time, the holes of the watering can should be small, for uniform watering. To determine the degree of humidity, you need to type a little substrate in your palm and squeeze it into a fist. If you mark dropping out of water, this indicates the overmoistening of the soil. Animal dung is an excellent nutrient substrate that should be used to grow potential bait. However, in fresh manure, the worms die, so it is best to use a substrate with a six-month exposure.

    When the necessary preparations are made, we settle the worms in a box and evenly distribute them over the surface. We cover the box with a dark cloth that lets in air, otherwise the worms suffocate.A few days later, after you settled the "tenants", you can begin feeding them. Cleaning vegetables, old tea leaves, spoiled boiled vegetables and non-dairy cereals are excellent food. Grind the dressing and lay it on the substrate. The volume of this layer should be within three to five centimeters. After 2-3 weeks we feed the worms again, increasing the layer by two centimeters. Do not forget also to loosen the earth (twice a week) to the depth of all worms. Thus, you will ensure the full supply of oxygen.

    Growing worms cannot be called a laborious or laborious process, but the finished result - bait, will allow you to fully enjoy fishing and will give you the opportunity to hope for a decent catch.

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